Our Great Room Drab to Fab

Our Great Room Drab to Fab

Our Great Room Drab to Fab! If you remember, in the month of October, we decided it was time to update our great room. It’s been over 10 years since we changed the color of the room because it’s so big.

We kept telling ourselves that we were going to do a complete do-over, but life got in the way. We came to the realization that we needed to stop waiting until we had enough money and do what we could at this time. Our great room went from drab to fab!

Our Great Room Drab to Fab

As you can tell it’s a long narrow room. It used to be 3 rooms but about 15 years ago, we knocked down the walls. I have loved it because it makes it so much easier to have the whole family together and not have wasted space.

Our Great Room Drab to Fab

I absolutely loved the colors of this room because it made it feel like home, and was so easy to make small changes to update the look, but I didn’t realize how dark it made the room. 

The first step was to refinish our wood floors. We looked into doing it ourselves but the would of cost was the same amount as having it done by a professional.

We couldn’t walk on it while it was being worked on, so we were living in just a couple of rooms in the house and we had a lot of take out! It took 4 days for the whole process to be done, and we couldn’t walk on it for 48 hours, and furniture wasn’t suppose to be moved in for at least 7 days.

The wood floors were installed over 13 years ago and have been amazing. The cost to have it refinished was around $2800 and it was totally worth it because I know it’s going to last and it is so easy to keep them up.

Next step, removing the chair rails and patching the walls. I can’t believe how much dust comes with this! We were mopping the floors, at least 10 times a day!

You guessed it, painting was our next step! Since Cassie married a painter, I have learned how important it is to do prep. We used to try to paint without taping the edges but it just makes more work. Tip: if you want a straight line and want to stop paint from seeping under painter’s tape, use a clear caulk to seal the edges. I have been using Behr Marquee interior paint lately and love it! I went with Silver city for the walls and a dove white for the ceiling.

I love yellow and I wanted little pops of color throughout the room. This picture is from Seagull Book

This corner use to be wasted space! Not big enough to put anything in it and would just collect junk. I really don’t know why they built this but it’s been a frustration since we moved in. My husband had the idea to build in shelves,( I know what your thinking, but sometimes it takes a moment to have the light bulb go on). I love it!!! I have shelves for pillows and blankets and it looks so charming!

I have wanted a distressed wood all forever! We finally did it! We used the product stikwood. So easy to use and so forgiving. It is a little pricey but it has totally changed the look of the room!

We had done the fireplace in May, for a mantel challenge, and I guess that’s what started the whole thing in progress. It had never crossed my mind that I could change my fireplace so drastically. The wall behind the fireplace is yellow, just to add a little more character to the room. 

If you haven’t shopped online with Pick your Plum or went into the cute little store Rod Works, you are missing out! The print is from Pick your Plum and the frame is from Rod Works. Both places have great prices and super cute decor.

I love this chair! It’s a little different and adds a lot of charm!

I have such talented people in my family! My boys had made me a barn door, several years ago that I just loved, but when I was getting ready to change the room, my kids decided that I was going to have to get a different barn door. This was my birthday present from Cassie and Matt! Yes, Matt built it! 

I found these cute metal, distressed bar stools from Wayfair. I also got my rugs from them. They are best rugs I have ever had! Wayfair can be expensive but if you look around you can get a good deal.

We painted the back splash which brighten up the whole kitchen area! 

I knew what style of couches I wanted but we still went to several stores to find the right match. We found these lovelies at RC Willey.

I’m in love with my gallery wall. Yes, it took 3 hours to put up but completely worth it! The gray frames, I purchased from Amazon, and the canvas was printed at Costco and only cost $50!

I saw this in the window at Seagull Book months before we finished the room and I was thrilled that it was still there. I love the details in this piece.

My dining table is exactly what I wanted! Farmhouse meets distressed! You can find it at RC Willey.

This lamp is small but adds so much character to the room! It’s at Wayfair. I’m so glad to have it done and thank you for joining my home tour!

24 thoughts on “Our Great Room Drab to Fab”

  1. Wow that certainly went to fab. I thought it looked lovely before, but while scrolling through I could see a drastic difference. It turned out absolutely breathtaking! Now I need to remodel! 😉

  2. What a lovely transformation. The hard work that you guys have put in shows . Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance .

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