Christmas Themed Veggie Trays

I love Christmas! I feel like Christmas themes go throughout all of Christmas break so if you have any get togethers between now and new years like we do this is totally appropriate! My advice to you though is to copy mine exactly or at least get the same veggies. I had seen one of these somewhere and then just got a random assortment of veggies at the store thinking I could easily replicate it though I couldn’t remember exactly what it looked like. It took me forever to figure out a good arrangement though! It is a lot harder than you’d think to make vegetables look like a shape to someone, or maybe it was just my husband and toddler who I was asking that were the problem…








Cherry tomatoes


Veggie Dip



1. Cut up your veggies.

2. Lay out the cauliflower, broccoli, celery, cherry tomatoes and carrots. (add cherry tomatoes last on the Christmas tree)

4. Pair with your favorite veggie dip!



5. If transporting, cover with foil and press the foil around the shape and the veggies will stay in place!

Merry Christmas!



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