3rd Birthday Interview Young Wild and Three

3rd Birthday Interview Young Wild and Three! Cooper’s 3rd birthday was last week and it was so much fun! Every year I make a video for his birthday and I was trying to figure out what to do this year. I figured that the cutest part about a three-year-old is how they talk so I decided to interview him and it didn’t disappoint!



To make this video I told Cooper we were going to make a movie about him and I was going to ask a lot of questions. If he answered all of them and was happy then he could get some fruit snacks! That was all it took to get him to sit still! Jk, it also took a really high stool that he couldn’t climb off of, and I asked him all of these questions routinely for like a week so I knew he was prepared to answer. For the most part I didn’t coax an answer, I just went with what I got. Sometimes he just answered in gibberish and that was when I knew he needed to remind him of the fruit snacks waiting for him. 



Cooper loved seeing himself afterwards and he loved wearing the microphone. He thought he was so cool! He also loved hearing everyone laugh at his “jokes” when our family watched it on his birthday!





The Young, Wild and Three shirt he’s wearing is from an awesome Etsy shop called Bump and Beyond Designs. They have the cutest fashion apparel for babies, toddlers, and kids! They have a large variety of different trendy birthday shirts and cake smash outfits for all ages, as well as other apparel at great prices. One of my favorite items they offer is a tutu onesie for little girls so if I ever have a baby girl you can bet she’ll be in one! 






Happy Birthday my big boy Cooper! You are most definitely young, wild, and three!





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