Cute Senior Photos Pose Ideas

Senior Photos Pose Ideas

Senior Photos Pose Ideas! I took my sister-in-law’s senior photos recently and I love how they turned out! I don’t do photography very often because I enjoy video more, so when I do I always try to brush up on posing tips and ideas first. These are a few go-to’s I used in her photoshoot that I thought I’d share for anyone looking to brush up or learn about posing!


Senior Photos Pose Ideas

Full body hand on hip. I had her cross one leg behind to accentuate and slim her figure. You can also try having your model lift her arm and drape it across her head. (sounds weird, looks great!)




Toe(s) in. Pointing your toes in gives a different playful look to the standard full-body shot.




Head down. This shows off eyelashes and hair details.






Hand under the chin. This helps with posture to create a flattering look.






Hand on the head. This also helps with posture and shows off the figure. Adds a little playfulness and artistic feel.


img_9992 img_9849


Sitting with the arm propped. This helps with posture and looks relaxed. 




Looking over the shoulder. Shows off hair and avoids a double chin. 


I hope these help! I lucked out and had a G O R G E O U S model!! 





24 thoughts on “Cute Senior Photos Pose Ideas”

  1. These are awesome ideas for photos, I love the background that you chose as well. I like your boots! It’s a stand out!

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