Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

I love Halloween and I love Halloween decor so I was so excited to decorate our house this year! A girl in my neighborhood was doing a fundraiser to earn money for dance by selling porch decor so of course,

I got some. I am definitely a decorating amateur but I think it turned out pretty cute!


Halloween decor




If I find the time this year, or maybe next year, I want to hang lights or a banner or something in between the posts or on the windows. I really like the symmetry of the corn stalks and pumpkins though and love that they bring a fall feeling to the house!





These bats were a not-so-fun-but-worth-it DIY project. I printed out a bat photo, traced it onto some black card stock, and cut out each bat. Then I taped them to the door. It took a long time but I think they look really cool. 




This is hanging inside our entryway. My husband put it together for me and I change out the photos and decor for each holiday. I love it because it’s super easy to switch it up.






I got the cauldron and broomsticks online and love that they add some fun to the fall feeling. The white pumpkin is just a plastic orange one I spray painted white one year. I like that plastic ones are reusable! 




This little mini witches hat is actually card stock covered in fabric. I made it one year for a Witches Night Out party. It has a hair clip super glued to the bottom of it to keep it in place. 




This mini chalkboard was a fabulous find in Target’s dollar section. Whenever I find things that I think I could use for multiple things I buy a few of them, so you’ll probably see more mini chalkboards make an appearance on the blog!





50 thoughts on “Halloween Decor”

    1. What an amazing experience! I totally understand, I love Fall and everything it brings. I hope we helped and didn’t make it worse.

  1. You did a great job! Unfortunately I didn’t get around to doing as many decor projects for fall this year like I usually do. Hopefully I can do a better job next year. Thanks for sharing and again, great job! 🙂

  2. I have never thought to use corn stalk as part of Halloween decor!! We have corn stalk in our backyard right now! I’m telling my husband about your idea so we can add this to our porch. I love your photo board display! It is adorable. Great tips!

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