Batgirl Birthday Cake

Batgirl Birthday Cake

If you have a superhero-loving child at your house, you need to make them this fun Batgirl Birthday Cake





My little Sophie turned 5 last month! I can’t believe it. She is really into ‘awesome’ things and was begging me for a Batman cake forever, but then she got a cute Batgirl in her Happy Meal and she decided she’d rather have a Batgirl cake. 

Her birthday fell in the middle of the week so it was a really tough time to make a cake since we still had to do swimming, gymnastics, dance, and scouts. This cake got whipped together as quickly as possible. 

Here are some of my top cake tips. I always freeze my cakes the night before to make them easier to frost. This cake is a combo of buttercream and fondant. I think it’s much quicker and easier to use buttercream, but I like making the details with fondant because it’s just like playdough. Now Walmart sells little individual colored packs of fondant. They’re not such an awesome deal compared to my homemade fondant, but they sure are worth it if it means I don’t have to spend the time and the mess-making fondant from scratch. However; if you’re covering the entire cake, I would highly recommend this marshmallow fondant recipe. It just tastes better. 

We decided to try and make the cake look like the night sky with wispy yellow clouds and a purple sky, to match Batgirl’s outfit.  I used a bat cookie cutter for the Bat symbol and I just free-handed the 5 with a sharp kitchen knife. You could always print out the logo you want to use, cut it out, and use it as a guide to cut your fondant. 

Finally, we made the building by just cutting out different sizes of black rectangles and little yellow squares. I just let them dry for a while so they would stand up against the cake. 

Here are some more cake ideas! Click on the pictures to go to the post!



1st-birthday-cake baptism-cake-idea-lds girls-cake-ideas

Good luck with cake making! 



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