Colorful Trendy Birthday Cake!

Colorful Trendy Birthday Cake!

Colorful Trendy Birthday Cake! I made my niece this trendy and colorful birthday cake with drippy hot pink Ganache as a birthday gift. She turned 13 last month!

I can’t believe it! She was born right after my husband and I got married and she made me SO baby hungry, even though she was a screamer! I walked her up and down the halls at SUU while my sister-in-law was in class and it was rough! She didn’t like me much and she had acid reflux! Poor little baby!  


Colorful Trendy Birthday Cake


This colorful trendy birthday cake was an experiment. I had seen the hot pink drippy frosting all over the internet and I wanted to try it.

 I have made chocolate Ganache plenty of times and for some reason, I didn’t realize it’s the same thing, just made with white chocolate and a little food coloring. 

The first recipe I tried was a super fail! It called for equal parts of chocolate and cream. NO! Way too thin and WAY too runny. I was so mad!

We decided that the perfect combo was 3 parts chocolate to 1 part cream. Much better! Just pour it on slowly and a little at a time. Oh, and make sure your cake is COLD when you pour on the warm Ganache. You’ll thank me later! 



We made the triangles by pouring melted Candiquick onto a non-stick silicone mat like this Silpat one. If you don’t have one, you really do need one! They are fabulous for making cookies or anytime you don’t want something to stick! FABULOUS! 

Anyway, we poured the Candiquick onto the Silpat and then poured small amounts of colored Candiquick onto the mat. Then we gently swirled the chocolate colors together with a toothpick. We topped it off with sprinkles and let it harden. Then we gently cut the chocolate into triangles! 

The cake is buttercream. I just dabbed some tablespoon-sized amounts of colored frosting on a smooth white cake and then used my bench scrape to gently spread and smooth the dabs to create a tie-dyed look! 

I loved it! Can someone make me one for my next birthday?!?

Help a girl out and pin this image for later!

Colorful Trendy Birthday Cake

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