The BEST DIY Oven Cleaner

The BEST DIY Oven Cleaner

The BEST DIY Oven Cleaner! Looking for the best DIY oven cleaner out there? Well, I found it! This method is awesome and works wonders! You can trust me because look at how horrible my oven was before I used it!

This happened because he-who-will-not-be-named cooked chicken wings in our oven and put them on a pizza pan that had a bunch of holes in it. 


The BEST DIY Oven Cleaner


When I first saw this chicken mess I thought my life would be over. Who has time to clean an oven like this?

I started out trying to use the self-cleaning function on the oven but it made our house smell HORRID, and I had read a bunch of warnings about how easily the extreme amount of heat could lead to a fire, so I searched for a better way. This is what I found, and it was amazing.



The BEST DIY Oven Cleaner


Spray bottle

Baking Soda


Lemon Oil or Juice

Rubber Gloves

Long Handled Scrubber

Paper Towels





Dump baking soda on the bottom of your oven. For other areas, mix baking soda with a little water to form a paste. Spread the paste over dirty areas on the sides or door of the oven.


In a spray bottle mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. Add lemon oil or juice to give it a nice scent. 


Spray your vinegar mixture on the baking soda so that it bubbles. Let it sit overnight.


In the morning, put on your rubber gloves and scrape out the mess! You can spray more vinegar on the tougher areas, but you will be surprised at how easy this is! 



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