Yard Décor With Pops of Color

Yard Décor With Pops of Color

Yard Décor With Pops of Color! We are slowly but surely getting our yard ready for grass, but all I want to think about is yard décor! My mom has a beautiful yard and recently added some adorable yard décor that she spiced up with a little DIY work and some spray paint! I love it because it adds some fun pops of color to her yard.


Yard Décor With Pops of Color

Yard Décor With Pops of Color

This cute little bike was really rusty before but my mom spray painted it yellow and found the blue pots to contrast. It really says “summer” to me which is why I love it! It is just so fun and lively. Plus, my two-year-old may not appreciate it for the contrasting colors but he sure likes to sit on it! 




This was an old miniature table and chairs set that my mom got at a yard sale. They were rusty and faded yellow so she spray painted them blue and sewed the bright pillows for the chairs. So far she only has boy grandkids but I’m sure she’ll have a few little girls someday who will love having little tea parties in Grandmas garden!





I love the fun vibe these pillows give off. They are so lively and full of summer! It adds a lot of energy to the yard and makes it feel exciting.




This is her adorable fairy garden. I can’t wait until we finish our yard so that I can put something like this in it. I love miniature things and I love fairies!! She got most of these items at various craft stores. Once she had a general idea of what she wanted she was on the lookout for what would work best!




On the left is a cute little helicopter pinwheel that spins in the wind for her grandsons. They think it is pretty sweet! They also love watching for the birds to come to the bird feeders. 

What cute things have you done in your yard? I’d love for you to share links or pictures with me!




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