Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course


Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course

Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course! Here’s a simple and fun way to keep the kids busy! 



Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course

Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course

We hosted a cousin camp here this summer and this was one of the many fun activities we did. 

This obstacle course was super fun and the kids did it again and again!



Ninja Warrior Kid Obstacle Course

Here’s what you’ll need…

  1. pop up tunnel
  2. Pool noodles
  3. skinny wooden stakes
  4. wooden dowels, find these in the cake decorating aisle at Walmart. 
  5. yarn
  6. inflatable pool
  7. 2 buckets, we got ours at The Home Depot
  8. 1 2″x 6″ X 6′ board, also from The Home Depot
  9. slide, if you don’t have one, just skip this step.
  10. buzzer, we used our Bop it game buzzer on the top of the slide.
  • Start with the pop-up tunnel. Bigger kids have a harder time squeezing through and it’s pretty funny! 
  • Use the wooden dowels to make the pool noodles stand up. Just press them into the ground and put the noodles on the part that’s showing. We had the kids weave in and out of this as someone squirted them with squirt guns…not all the kids appreciated this so you decide what age you want to squirt! 
  • Set up your wooden posts in the ground about 6 feet apart and staggered and then use the yarn to weave back and forth so it’s hard for the kids to get thru. You could also just make enough space for them to crawl under it too. 
  • Fill a pool with water and you can tell the kids they have to swim or run through it. I wanted them to swim, but no one listened. Haha!
  • Climb on the trampoline and do two bounces. 
  • Balance across the top of the board on The Home Depot buckets. This is tricky! 
  • Climb up the warped wall (a slide backward) and hit the buzzer at the top!

Adapt this to your own yard as needed. Not everyone has a trampoline and a rock wall, so just get creative. Give the kids awards based on time, speed, accuracy, and age groups. We gave everyone a small prize for whatever we deemed their award to be! It’s cousin camp so everyone wins! 



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  1. Great idea to keep kids entertained! It sounds like so much fun that I’d even want to do it!
    Pinned and tweeted!
    Thanks for sharing at the Merry Monday link party!
    We hope to see you again next week!
    Kate |

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