Baby Shower Backdrop and Ideas

Baby Shower Backdrop and Ideas

Baby Shower Backdrop and Ideas! Need to jazz up your shower? This baby shower backdrop is the bee’s knees!


Baby Shower Backdrop and Ideas

Baby Shower Backdrop and Ideas

My cute cousin Aimee is having a baby and September and we got to decorate for her shower! Momma Kim and I had seen streamer backdrops like this before and thought we can do that! First, we went to Walmart and bought two yards of three different pattern materials.

Then I went to Grandma Bev’s house to cut the material. We cut the material into 2-inch strips so that they were 6 feet long. Then I tied the strips to a sisal rope which can be bought at your local home depot.




Next, we went to party land and bought the tissue paper flowers for the top. Lastly, we got a free printable online and printed out baby boy! Also, other ideas we got blue mason jars to fill with baby’s breath but that stuff is expensive so we went to Macey’s and bought a house plant and  cut it up and put it in the the jars.

Then we made the banner in the front, with some socks we bought at Walmart, small clothes pins, and jute. We also got some cute rubber duckies at Walmart for decor! Really, we just went crazy with blue and yellow, we even used lemons for decorations. Be creative and have fun! 



 baby shower1 baby shower2We love to decorate with candy in the shower colors! It just adds a little personality without breaking the bank! And you can’t go wrong with cute little rubber duckies!
 baby shower4

These cute little socks made a adorable garland and the best part it can be part of your present for the mom to be!

baby shower5

We had to do the popcorn because it was just so darn cute!

baby shower6Jessica has mad skills when it comes to the chalk board art! I have loved this chalkboard and have used it so many times.
baby shower


We served crepes for our goodies! Super easy! We made the crepes the night before and then Kathy and Kim (and girls) chopped up veggies and fruit for the fillings, then everyone made their own crepes! Yum!


baby shower7


This is our cute mom-to-be, Aimee! Sorry, Aimee for making you look into the sun for your picture! You are still the cutest!

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  1. Adorable Baby shower ideas! My daughter is due with a boy in weeks. I wish she didn’t live across the country. I’d throw her a shower. Might have to be virtual 😉

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