Fun and colorful Baby Girl Room Ideas with animal prints!

Fun and colorful Baby Girl Room Ideas with animal prints!

Fun and colorful Baby Girl Room Ideas with animal prints! I’m so excited to share some more pictures of Ivie’s FINISHED room! Hopefully, it will give you some baby girl room ideas!

Fun and colorful Baby Girl Room Ideas with animal prints


A month ago I shared pictures of all the cool artwork I got from Minted. It is BY FAR my favorite part of the room and it brings the whole room together! 

When we moved in two years ago, we bought the cute polka dots and DIYed a headboard for my now 4-year-old. Turns out that those polka dots didn’t want to come off without the paint, so I had to do a nursery around them because I didn’t want to paint the whole room again. 




It’s funny how a room evolves. We started with the pinks, grays, and whites and then I got all the artwork from Minted and I needed to mix things up a little with more color. 



We revamped this dresser a few years ago with spray paint and new pulls from Home Depot. It used to be brown and sad. I got the pink flower arrangement from TJMaxx. 




Here’s a closer look at some of the artwork from Minted. If you want to see more pictures click here


My mother-in-law made the cute blanket for my oldest daughter almost 7 years ago, but I thought it matched the artwork perfectly! 


We painted this cute yellow rocking chair to tie all of the fun yellows in the pictures into the room. It was a hand-me-down from my hubby’s grandma. Don’t tell her I spray painted it though…she might not like that! 


We used Rustoleum USA spray paint in Citron Matte on the rocking chair and the picture frame. I love the way it looks! 


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If you want to know how we made that huge frame click on this picture…

If you want to win $250 worth of your own artwork from Minted click here

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