Cute Haden’s Baby Blessing

Haden’s Baby Blessing

It was Haden’s baby blessing the other day!

Haden's baby blessing


My husband Ben blessed Haden a couple of weeks ago. We blessed him at home rather than at the Chapel because I was still afraid of germs after his spout with RSV! 


IMG_7556 IMG_7484 IMG_7480


We didn’t invite many people because we were trying to keep it low-key and germ-free, but I am so grateful for all the many family members who love and support us. We really are so lucky to have such great families!


IMG_7594 IMG_7592 IMG_7603 IMG_7585

Haden’s middle name, James, comes from both of his grandpa’s. He also just so happened to be born on His Uncle Zac’s Birthday (at 11:59 pm) whose middle name is also James!


We love you little Haden!

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