Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases

Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases

Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases! I’m so excited to share these sexy vases with you because these are two super simple Home decor- DIY ways to jazz up your planters and make your home look fabulous, and these ideas will work!


Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases


In the morning when I’m working on the blog, I listen to the TV. I like noise, and every once in a while I hear about an idea that I want to try.

Sometimes the project works out like they describe and sometimes I’m surprised that they would even share it because I think they know that it won’t work! So I decided to try them and share them with you beautiful ladies.



Tattoo Planter

This first idea will work on almost anything! You can update planters, serving trays, cups, plates, and the list goes on!

All You Need:




  • Make sure the surface of your planter is clean and dried.
  • Place the tattoo onto the surface of the planter, just like you would on your arm.
  • With a clean, damp rag, gently rub the back of the tattoo.
  • Remove the paperback from the tattoo and Woo Hoo, you have a masterpiece!

 I love this look and I’m so excited to use this process at my next party!vases1  vases3

vases collage

Marble Vase

Okay, I didn’t think I would like this look and I wasn’t sure if I would like the end result but I love it!!!! The best thing is that you can use one of those million vases you have sitting in your cupboard taking up space and turn it into something incredible! These vases cost a lot of money in the stores and this DIY baby won’t break the bank!


Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases

What You Will Need:

Glass vase

Marble Contact paper

painters tape

gold spray paint- I used Rust-Oleum

paper towels

credit card

glass vase

Take your painters tape and line the inside edge of your vase, so you won’t get any paint inside the vase.

glass vase2

Fill the vase with paper towels to protect the inside. Take your spray paint and spray evenly over the whole vase. I always take my projects outside on top of my garbage can because I don’t care if I paint the garbage can and it seems to be the perfect height for me. Let dry and reapply if needed.

glass vase3

Measure your Contact paper and cut it to the right size. I held the contact paper up to my vase to see how high I wanted to go on the vase before I started to apply it to the surface.

glass vase4

Remove the paperback from the contact paper and using your credit card, slowly apply and smooth the paper onto your vase. There you go, another masterpiece to add to your beautiful home. I love this because it’s so easy and looks so amazing!

glass vase5


glass vase 9

5 thoughts on “Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases”

  1. How lovely and these easy vases are! I am so delighted that you shared Sexy Home Decor DIY Vases at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party. I’m Pinning and sharing this!

  2. I loved this. Your title cracked me up and I had to feature your vase on A Little Bird Told Me Link Party. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

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