Cheap DIY Curtains

Cheap DIY Curtains

I’m so excited to show you the cute and cheap DIY Curtains I added to my girls’ room! About a month ago I showed you the whole makeover I did. You can see the whole thing by clicking on the picture or here.

cheap DIY Curtains


It was already so cute and fun but I didn’t love the curtains I had in the room. I chose them when we first moved in,  I don’t have a picture, but my daughter had chosen a delicate floral quilt for her bed and I thought the white lacy curtains were the perfect addition, but not anymore. No, this colorful room needed some funky curtains to go with it.



After I did the room makeover, I was going through my fabric bin, looking for some felt to make these cute headbands, when I found some bedsheets I bought from Wal-Mart about 3 years ago. They were $3.50 each and, at the time, I thought they would be cute in my girls’ room, but I just stashed them away without any plans.


Cheap-Curtain-Solutions (3)


When I pulled them out earlier this week, I realized how PERFECT they were for the room! Yay! I was eager to get out my sewing machine and sew a pocket in the top when I realized I didn’t even have to do that! The seam along the top was already unfinished on the sides so I just slipped them right onto the rod!


Cheap-Curtain-Solutions (2)


They’re not long enough to touch the ground, but I’m happy about that because the girls kept wrapping their cute little bodies in the long white curtains, and they kept pulling the rod out of the wall. The shorter curtains are just perfect for what I had in mind and they match the girl’s bedspreads perfectly!


Cheap-Curtain-Solutions (1)


So, there you go, when you see a cute pattern you like on sheets, buy them! You never know when you’ll be able to pull them out and turn them into curtains! 



I want to move into the girls’ room now. It’s very bright and fun!


4 thoughts on “Cheap DIY Curtains”

  1. That is a super cool idea. I had this, “why didn’t I think of that ” moment ?. Your girls room is beautiful too. Pretty and pink still grown up worthy ??

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