Simple 5 Posing Tips to Improve Videos

5 Posing Tips to Improve Videos! 


5 Posing Tips to Improve Videos


When most people think of video, they think of movement, so you might not think that there would be much posing going on. Wrong! The lens of a camera sees much different than our natural eye, so in order to get a good image manipulation of the subject has to occur, even if the subject is moving. This is especially important in my field as a wedding videographer because the bride and groom want to look their best, but it is also applicable when creating a simple video for a blog post, or even a motion picture.

5 Posing Tips to Improve Videos

Pose the hair: Hair, believe it or not, is one of the first things we notice when we look at a photo or video of ourselves. Hair sitting directly on the shoulders looks terrible. Try bringing it to one side, let it flow down the back, or even use it as the highlight of the shot!

Don’t extend the waist! When trying to make your model look as good as possible, make sure no arms or background objects are near their waist. This will help make their figure look as best as possible. You can achieve this by having them bend their arms and placing them on their waist or a prop, and by paying attention to the background.

Bring their ears forward: Our natural stance is not the most photogenic. When we are standing comfortably, we naturally have a bit of a double chin even if we are super skinny. Have your model “bring their ears forward” slightly and it will remove this.

Explain the goal of the shot: Your models will do much better if you explain what you are trying to achieve with the shot. For example, if you are trying to show off the bride’s figure in her beautiful dress, tell her and she will better be able to help you pose her.

Give them a way to move: Video is all about movement, and although many shots will be static, it can help your models and the look of your video to still have movement. For example, even if you are getting a shot of the bride’s dress, you could have her move her hands along the lace, or turn her head to gaze at the groom. Be careful not to overdo it so that it doesn’t appear too cheesy though!


5 Posing Tips to Improve Videos

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  1. These are great tips! I am so delighted that you shared 5 Simple Posing Tips to Improve Your Videos with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party!Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! All the best, Deborah

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