Fun Date Night Challenge

Date Night Challenge Time! 
Date Night Challenge

Whether you are married, engaged, or in a casual relationship dating is so important. That’s why we decided to start doing our Date Night Challenge! These are more than just date ideas, they’re challenges designed to get you to think outside the box and bring you closer together. Check back here monthly for the newest challenge!


This Month’s Challenge

2. Date Night Challenge INSTA

Crush: Go to the same place you went to eat.
Love: Do the same activity you did on your very first date.
Devoted: Act as you did on your first date! Did you hold hands, sit far away from each other, flirt, talk all night? etc!

Previous Challenges

Crush: Open the door for your date, clean the house, etc. Whatever little bit of service you can do to help out!
Love: Spend time working on a project together that your significant other has been wanting to accomplish!
Devoted: Give service to someone else together. Buy someone’s dinner, help out a grandparent, etc!
Crush: Turn off your cell phones and actually give each other your full attention the entire night.
Love: Turn off all electronic media! That includes TV’s radios, phones, etc.
Devoted: Turn off all electricity including the lights!! (Candlelight is so romantic!)

3 thoughts on “Fun Date Night Challenge”

  1. The crush level would be a challenge for hubby and I. We talk some of the time, but at some point while we're waiting on our food, one or both cell phones will come out.

    I'll have to try this during next week's date night.

  2. I love a date night! I've been married for 18 years and they definitely don't hurt the situation…if you know what I mean…lol! Great ideas! Thank you for linking up at Funtastic Friday!

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