The Best Couch Cleaning Solution

The Best Couch Cleaning Solution

You Need To Check Out The Best Couch Cleaning Solution Ever
The Best Couch Cleaning Solution Ever
Believe it or not it’s starting to get warmer outside and I don’t know if it’s just that or because I’m in the nesting phase of pregnancy but I am getting ready for spring cleaning! With a toddler running around we’ve got sticky messes hidden everywhere, but the couch is the worst. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to clean it very well but when I stumbled across this easy method I got really excited because it worked!

The Best Couch Cleaning Solution Ever

Water purified through reverse osmosis
Spray bottle
(Seriously, that’s it! And yes, the reverse osmosis water does make a difference!)



1. Soak each spot generously with water.

2. Let it soak for about 20 minutes, respraying if it is a tough stain.

 3. Use your rag and gently rub out the spot. If it is not coming out with a gentle scrub, spray more water and let it soak for a while longer. You don’t want to rub too much and fray your couch fabric.

Easy, cheap, and effective!!


1 thought on “The Best Couch Cleaning Solution”

  1. Is that something I will be able to buy in the shops "water purified by reverse osmosis"? I've got to be honest, I've never heard of it before. I vaguely remember something about osmosis way back from school science days!

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