There’s No Buddy Like A Brother

There’s No Buddy Like A Brother

There’s No Buddy Like A Brother! Surprise! I’m having another boy! I actually announced it a couple weeks back, and it’s been really interesting to hear what people say about having two boys. When I first found out, I honestly was a little sad to know I wasn’t having a girl, and then I felt guilty about being sad.
There's No Buddy Like A Brother



I love my boy and his love of tractors, trains, and balls, but I was secretly hoping for the chance to buy frilly dresses and cute bows. A lot of mothers’ of boys told me that they felt the same way at first, but were super glad to have multiple boys in a row/all boys.


Some moms have told me that they are so grateful for their boys because they pamper/take care of them more than their girls. Others have told me that it is so nice for your rough and tumble boys to have a playmate to wrestle with.


Ultimately though, what gender you’re having really doesn’t matter. The best part about being pregnant, I think, is that through hearing the heartbeat, seeing the ultrasound, and feeling the baby move, your love grows and grows and grows even before you’ve met your child.

I already love my little boy and wouldn’t trade him for any girl! I am getting super excited to see him play with his older brother and I hope they develop a special bond!

I love my boys!!


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  1. Congratulations, Amber! My boys are 13 months apart and I could not imagine anything better. They are each other's best buddies (granted they are two and almost one at this point, but still!)

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