Movie Maker Gift Idea

Movie Maker Gift Idea

Movie Maker Gift Idea! For Christmas we wanted to get our nieces and nephew something awesome because we missed all of their birthdays. My husband Ben really wanted to get them a drone with a video camera on it, which I of course thought was awesome, but I was worried the younger girls wouldn’t find it that cool.
Movie Maker Gift Idea


I was trying to figure out what other items could go along with a camera that the younger girls would like, and the idea came to me to make them feel like they were cast in a movie. I would have loved that as a kid!

I made “casting call” tags to go on their presents that set up what it was all about. They were a little confused at first to see their pictures on their presents, but after they read what it was all about they were excited!

I got each of the kids a “costume” and props to go with their character from the dollar store. Gracie is a little fashionista so I made her a Fashion Fairy Princess with a unicorn side kick. She seemed really excited about the unicorn.

Sophie loves Batman so I wanted to make her some sort of a super hero, so she ended up as a Ninja Warrior Princess, also with a Unicorn sidekick. I know it may appear to be a violent gift for a 4 year old, but Sophie is a sweet heart so I knew she would be a hero with it, and not be mean with it.

Max is really into Star Wars so naturally I made him a Jedi. At first I didn’t think he really cared too much about the “movie” part, but once he got the drone figured out I heard him talking with his sisters about how they were going to make the movie, and what they should do, etc. He’s such a cute older brother!

The Mini Drone Helicopter was of course the crowning jewel, and as it turned out, they all seemed pretty excited about it. Max did most of the flying but the girls enjoyed watching it, and got super excited knowing that it was videoing them. 

I know it’s a little late for a Christmas present this year, but if you have any movie making youngins in your life I think it would make an awesome birthday gift as well!



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