Easy Top 15 Mommy Hacks

Top 15 Mommy Hacks!

Top 15 Mommy Hacks

I’ve been looking around to brush up on all the things I need before my new baby comes!! There are so many awesome hacks out there. These are my top 15 that I think everyone should know!

Top 15 Mommy Hacks

1. Put a hook on the back of your chair/high chair to hold a bib so you never have to search for it again!

2. Organize your child’s jewelry in a dollar store ice cube tray.

3. Pack individual outfits in ziploc bags when you go on trips.

4. Sanitize your child’s toys all at once by putting them in the dishwasher!

5. Put lemons in water in a spray bottle for your child to “help” clean and leave the house smelling great!

6. Use a shoe sorter to hang toys for more closet space.

7. Put balls in a pack n play for an instant ball pit!

8. Use a tackle box to store all the necessities for when little ones get sick.

9. Make a “restaurant kit” out of a 3 ring binder complete with coloring or sticker activities and keep it in the car.

10. Wash tiny socks in a mesh laundry bag to keep from losing them.

11. Use baking soda, soap, and hot water to clean your bottles in a snap!

12. Make “mother’s milk pacifiers” to soothe teething pain.

13. Relieve a young baby’s gas by gently pushing their knees towards their chest. Have older kids kneel on all fours and put their nose to the ground.

14. Put a portable diaper basket in frequently used rooms so you don’t have to search for a diaper.

15. Lower your chances of your baby peeing on you by wiping a wet wipe across their tummy and waiting a few seconds before opening the diaper. (This will cause them to pee before you open it.)





4 thoughts on “Easy Top 15 Mommy Hacks”

  1. Just the hacks we need to make life a little saner! Thank you for sharing your super-helpful Top 15 Mommy Hacks on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop.
    I'm pinning and sharing.

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