Fun Witches Brew in Butterfinger Krispy Cauldrons

Witches Brew in Butterfinger Krispy Cauldrons!



Witches Brew in Butterfinger Krispy Cauldrons

Oh how we LOVE Halloween around here. We love celebrating by making yummy and spooky treats for our annual pumpkin carving party! These treats are SO yummy! SO YUMMY! I couldn‘t stop eating them. I have serious lack of self control. Get a large microwaveable bowl and melt 3 Tablespoons of butter in the microwave.


Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (10) While butter is melting, crush 8 fun sized BUTTERFINGER® bars. I used my food chopper.  Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (11)  Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (13) Now add 6 cups of mini marshmallows to your butter, and toss to coat. Microwave for 30 second intervals until the marshmallows are melted. Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (12) Add 6 cups of chocolate krispy cereal and crushed BUTTERFINGER®  to marshmallow/ butter mixture.  And fold ingredients together until combined.Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (16)  Now spray a cupcake pan with cooking spray and press the Butterfinger Krispies into each hole using your hands. Then use a medicine cup, or small cup to create a hole in the center of each treat. Use your hands to add a little more Butterfinger Krispies to the sides to build them up. **Spray your fingers with cooking spray to help you form the cauldrons without them sticking to you!***Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (23) Make some green pudding and fill the center of each cauldron with it.  I used Pistachio, because it’s already green, but you could make vanilla and add food coloring. Do what your heart tells you, yo!Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (25)  Now use a candy eye ball and half of an orange and black straw to top it off. You could also use a pretzel, and or frosting for the eyeball if you couldn’t find candy eyes! Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (28) Voila! Super easy and fun little treat to make your Halloween party extra special! Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (39)

Witches Brew in Butterfinger Krispy Cauldrons


You could serve these at a party right along side your big candy bowl of NESTLÉ Jumbo Assorted Fun Size Candy bars.

Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (48)I bought everything I needed for our fun party at WalMart. And to make my night a little easier. I grabbed these STOUFFER’S® Mac and Cheese cups from the frozen foods section. The kids love them, and they’re a perfectly portioned meal that can be served in minutes. I’m all about easy foods when we’re trying to get somewhere! Click here to stock up on all your favorite treats at Walmart! Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (60)  Butterfinger StoffersButterfinger 1Butterfinger-Krispy-Cauldrons (61)  What are your favorite go-to meals when you’re in a hurry? Jessica:)

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