Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Idea

Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Idea!


Photography-Back-Drop-Idea (1)

Easy DIY Photography Backdrop Idea

Don’t mind my messy garage, but I’ve been meaning to show you an idea for your photography backdrops! I’m not the best photographer around, but I’ve been trying to improve the look of my photos lately, and I really wanted to create something with more texture that could be moved around to follow the light anywhere in my house or yard. 

So my hubby and I went to Home Depot and bought tongue and groove boards from the lumber section. The boards come in 10 foot long pieces so we cut 3 of them in half. Then we glued them together with Liquid Nails and then stained them. It was a quick project and now I have a portable piece that can be used as a backdrop or made to look like a tabletop.   


Photography-Back-Drop-Idea (1)


You could make multiples of these and paint them different colors for lots of photography options! It’s not too expensive and easy to move around when you need to follow the light!


Photography-Back-Drop-Idea (2)

Of course, it’s not center stage in this photo, but you can see it in the corner of my caramel apple monkey bread!


And here in this photo too!


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