Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey-Mouse-Cake Mr. Mickey is a pretty popular guy around here. My little Soph was dying to eat this cake while I was making it. Too bad for her, it was for a cute little 1-year-old. DSC_0691 The hat and shoes were sculpted out of rice cereal treats. And I bought the black and red fondant at WalMart, because it’s really difficult to get a good TRUE red/ black fondant when you make it yourself, without adding the entire bottle of red food gel. It was quite convenient, and I’m tempted to buy fondant more often. It is more expensive though, and usually doesn’t taste as good as homemade. If you want to make your own fondant, I have a great recipe here. And here are some more tips for baking your own cake! Jessica

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3 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Cake”

  1. So pretty! I just threw a Minnie Mouse party last weekend, but didn't have this cute cake. I bought some fondant as well to make some cute bows (which those silicone molds are fabulous!) for the cake pops, which turned out pretty good.

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