20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance

20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance


20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance! Some of the greatest high school memories involve school dances. Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Sweethearts, Prom are all a chance to seal friendships and make new ones.

But don’t just ask or answer a girl or guy out over a text…get creative with some of these are awesome dance ask ideas!
20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance

20 Cute Ways To Ask Answer Dance Ideas


Oh my goodness! It’s that time of year again! School is back in session and high school kids all around the country are gearing up for their first school dance. How exciting!!! And yes, it seems to be a competition to see who can come up with the cutest way to ask or answer someone to the dance. Last year, when Andie turned 16 we came up with a list of 30 Fun Ways to Ask To School Dances and they are super fun ways to ask or answer for a dance but I was asked by one of our readers to come up with some new ideas, so here it is! I searched high and low to find the best ideas! All the ideas can be used for asking or answering.



1. Guess Who? Have you ever played the game Guess Who? Buy the game and change one of the faces and names out for your name and picture. Leave a note alone with the board game and a treat by their door saying, “Guess Who wants to go to Homecoming with you?


2. When Pigs Fly- All you need is some helium balloons, a box wrapped in pink paper, and a sharpie. Draw pig faces on the balloons, tape the balloon strings to the bottom of the box, tuck them in, and then wrap up the box. On a poster board write, I’d love to go to the dance with you….When pigs fly! When they open the box the pigs will fly!!!


3. It’s A Little Corny- Get enough ears of corn to spell out your name and a few extras. Make a poster that says, ” I know this is a little corny, but you’d be a peach if you’d go to Homecoming with me”! Leave a big bowl of peach rings to the side of the poster.



4. It’s Cerealsly A Good Idea-  Find out their favorite cereal, tie a bow around the box with a spoon attached. Clip-on a note that says ” I would cereal~sly love to go to the dance with you”. Who doesn’t love cereal!



5. Star Light Star Bright- Get the star-shaped glow in the dark stickers and put them on his door at night and a plate of star cookies. Leave a note that says” Starlight star bright, I wish you may I wish you might go to the dance with me that  Homecoming night.”



6. It’s all in the Picture- Make four signs: 1. the name of the person 2. Will you go to the dance 3. with me 4. your name. Go to the mall and in the photo booth, hold the signs up in the order in  picture each shot. Super cute!



7. Beach Time- Fill a bucket with sand and cover it with plastic fishy’s. Attach a note that says” Shore, I will go to the dance with you”.



8. You Are 1 in a Melon-  Fill a cute basket with Sour melon candy and orange cuties. Attach a note that says “You are one in a Melon, I would love to go to Homecoming with a cutie like you”



9. Let Them Eat Cake- Everybody loves cake! Bake a cake, and after it’s done before you put on the icing, cut the cake into 2 pieces. In the center on a thick piece of cardboard ( they don’t eat the paper), write ” It’d be sweet if you’d go to the dance with me!”



10. Adoring Kisses–  Put Hershey’s Kisses all over the front doorway of their house. Leave a note that says, ” Now, that I’ve kissed the ground you have walked on, will you go to (homecoming/prom/etc.) with me?”


11. Mission Impossible- Deliver a CD with this message, ” ( insert your dates name), should you choose to accept it, will be with (insert your name) at (insert dance name) on (insert the day of the dance). You will be picked up by a person wearing ( insert what you are going to wear). Your date will feel like he may self destruct if you do not reply by ( insert a day and time).” Of course, you need to use the Mission Impossible theme song with this!


12. Wanted: Alive- Make a poster and hang them around the school or your dates neighborhood or home, with your date’s picture on it and the top of the poster will say Wanted: Alive! Offer a reward to them when they come to your house to turn their selves in. Dress up like a sheriff when you ask them.



13. Bouncing Off Walls- Saran Wrap the frame of their front door, and somewhere in the Saran Wrap, put bouncy balls, and a paper that says, ” I’m bouncing off the walls, excited to go to______________ with you!”



14. I’ll be brief- Go to a thrift store and buy a HUGE pair of briefs. Write on it “I’ll be brief….YES!”



15. Pumpkin Chunkin- Get a pumpkin and cut a hole in the top. Place a laminated paper inside the pumpkin (with the guts in tow) that says “will you be my pumpkin and go to ____________ with me?” Put your name on a separate piece of paper and place it near the bottom of the inside of the pumpkin. Get a poster to put next to the pumpkin that says “my fairy godmother told me I couldn’t go to the dance without a pumpkin. So…..look inside the pumpkin.”



20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance

16. Key to my Heart- Buy a combination lock. Make a list of possible girls that the guy would go to the dance with. Place random combinations next to each one, but place the correct combination next to your name. He has to go through each lock combination to find out who asked him.



17. Going Bananas- Get as many things banana themed and put them together in a basket. Place it on their porch with a note that says, ” I would go bananas if you went to the dance with me?’



18. Translation- Write your invite to the dance in a foreign language. Cut up the words and place them in an envelope. Include a dictionary to translate the message.



19. Stringing you Along- Place a note and some candy inside a big ball of string that says: ” Sorry to string you along but I would LOVE to go to the dance with you!”



20. Oven Mitts- Fill oven mitts with candy and a note that says, ” I have to ad”mitt” that I would LOVE to go to the dance with you.”



20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance

Bonus Ideas:

I Can’t Strain Myself Hang strainers ( the kind for cooking) from their bedroom ceiling with fishing line and a banner that says ” I couldn’t re “strain” myself from saying YES!’



Dum Dum- Fill a basket full of dumdum suckers that says ” I’d be a dumdum not to go with you.”



Wetting my Plants- Put a silk plant in a diaper with a note attached that says, ” When you asked me to the dance, I got so excited I wet my plants!”



Pasta-tively- Get a big glass jar and fill it with colored pasta with a note hidden in the pasta that says, ” I would “pasta” tively love to go to the dance with you!”


Garbage- Fill a new trash can with empty cereal boxes, washed-out tuna, and vegetable cans, empty clean milk and egg cartons, papers, and anything clean that would be a good filler. Tape a message to the inside bottom of the trash can: ” I think it’s a BUNCH OF GARBAGE  having to do silly things like this to ask you to the dance!”


Camping- Get permission to pitch a tent on their front lawn. Make a pretend fire, set some rocks around the fire, hang some clothing around, have your sleeping bag in the tent and do whatever you must to make the camp look real. Be in the camp when they return home. Have a sign that says: “I’m camping out until you say “yes” to go to the dance with me!”


Alarm- Place ( or have someone in their family do it) an alarm clock under the person’s bed and have it set to go off at 2:00 am. When the alarm rings and the person wakes up, it will take a while for them to find the clock and your note: ” Don’t be ALARMED!  It’s just me wanting to know if you will go to the dance with me?”


20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance


Need More Ideas? 



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9 thoughts on “20 Cute Ways To Ask to Dance”

  1. I did the guess who game idea. It was fun to put together.

    My husband asked me to a dance in high school with a stuffed mouse in a mouse trap "if you think this is sad, imagine how I'd feel if you said no to going to el cheapo with me." Haha

  2. How cute and creative! I love Mission Impossible! I am so delighted that you shared these wonderful Cute Ways To Ask/Answer Dance Ideas with us at the Plant-Based Potluck Party Link Up. I'm pinning and sharing.

  3. So cute! When I was in HS, I don't remember anyone coming up with such creative ideas! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday link party. I hope you'll join us again next week. Sharing your post on Twitter!

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