30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances

30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances


30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances! Some of the greatest high school memories involve school dances. Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, Sweethearts, Prom are all a chance to seal friendships and make new ones. But don’t just ask or answer a girl or guy out over a text…get creative with some of these are awesome dance ask ideas!


30 ways to ask to dances



I can’t believe it! Miss Andie is going to turn 16 on Valentine’s Day and at our house, that means she gets to start double dating!


This is my 5th child that thought it was okay to get so big. I’m a little crazy, I like my kids a lot and love seeing grow up and accomplish great things but my heart wants them to stay little forever!


That’s another story!  She is so excited to go to her first dance and it happens to be a girl’s choice. That means she has to ask the boy.





Since she is a Lou Lou Girl in training, she wanted to make sure that she did something that was super cute! Again, with Andie being the 5th child, this isn’t my first rodeo and we have asked tons of people to tons of dances!


There are a couple of ideas that have been done tons of times at our high school and she wanted to make sure we didn’t do them. I have searched high and low for the best ideas and have a few of my own to share with you, and help us in our own quest.  I hope this helps!

30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances


Cookies: Get a package of snack-size cookies and gently open the packages without ripping the bags. On a puzzle, put a letter on each piece of the asker’s name. Place a puzzle piece in each cookie bag and then hot glue the bags back together.

Place the bags into a basket with a note that says: “ Hey, cookie! I would crumble if you didn’t go to the dance with me! Puzzled? Find my name in the cookies!”


Easter Egg Hunt: Send them on an Easter egg hunt! Put a piece of paper with some candy in each plastic egg with a letter of the asker’s name. Then they can figure out who is asking them



Fortune Cookies: Remove the paper fortunes from the inside of the fortune cookies, then write the letters of your name on individual slips of paper and slide them back into the cookies.

Leave a note with them that says “ It would be my good fortune if you would go to the dance with me”.



Pink: Get a basket of pink things like; bubble gum, kool-aid, cookies, etc.. Then put a note that says, “ I would be tickled pink if you would go to the dance with me”. Or you can do Blue. “I would feel so blue if you don’t go to the dance with me.”


Movie Trailer: Using one of your many devices, make a movie trailer asking them to the dance. Choose their favorite movie for inspiration.



Piñata: Hang a piñata in their yard and they have to crack it open to find out who’s asking them.


Pizza: Have a pizza delivered to their house. On the inside of the lid of the box write, “Will you go to the dance with me? If your answer is yes, eat the pizza and return the box. If your answer is no, eat the box and return the pizza.”


Teddy bear: We made a bear out of marshmallow popcorn and put a plastic container inside the bear with my daughter’s name. The note said, “ I would be “beary” excited if you would go to the dance with me. My name is inside the heart”.


Chalk art: Decorate their driveway! Draw a picture of you and your future date going to the dance, or you ask them to the dance.


Balloons: Fill their bedroom or a car full of balloons. On a poster write, I would be blown away if you would go to the dance with me! Put your name in one of the balloons.


Sticky notes: This one would take a little bit of time but would be super cute! Cover their car with a sticky note and leave a note that says,” I’m stuck on you! Please go to the dance with me!”


Buttered Popcorn: Leave a tub of butter on the doorstep and ring the doorbell. Wait a minute, and then leave another tub of butter and ring the doorbell. Wait a minute, and then leave a tub of popped popcorn with a note that says, “ Now, that I have buttered you up, I can pop the question. Will you go to the dance with me.”


Hay: Place a bale of hay on their doorstep, with a poster that says, “ Hay, will you go to the dance with me?”


Pennies: Cover their floor in pennies with a letter on each penny to spell out your name. Leave a note that says, “ I would be one lucky penny if you went to the dance with me!”


Solo cups: Leave a bag of Solo cups, with a note that says, “ Don’t make me go Solo to the dance.”


Scavenger Hunt: Send them on a scavenger hunt and have the last clue lead them to where you are at.


Break the ice: Freeze a note into a big block of ice using a plastic bowl that says, “ Now that we’ve broken the ice, will you go to the dance with me?” You can leave it on their doorstep.


Rubber Duckies: Put a few rubber duckies on top of their car and on the windshield have a sign that says, “ I’d be a lucky duck if you went to the dance with me.”


Gum: Get a few packages of gum and put a note that says, “ I chews, you to go to the dance with me, will you?”


Softball or baseball: Write on the ball, “ I might strike out by asking, but will you go to the dance with me?’


Grass Paint: Get a can of grass paint from Amazon and write on the grass, Will you go to the dance with me?


Snowman: If you can be sneaky enough, build a snowman in their yard, facing the house. Have the snowman holding a sign asking them to the dance and inside the snowman will have a plastic container with your name.


T-Shirt: Write your name in sharpie on a white t-shirt and write a bunch of other names in the washable black Crayola marker. Have them wash the shirt to see who is asking them for the dance.


Pirate Booty: Bury a treasure chest in a kiddy pool full of sand with a note inside that says,” The only treasure I seek is fer yer to say yes to me!”


Glow sticks: On their porch or their room, leave a poster that says,” You would light up my life if you would go to the dance with me.” Then spell out your name with glow sticks.


Wings: Deliver some hot wings with a note that says, “ I’ve never asked someone to dance before, so I’m going to wing it! Will you go with me?”


Dying to go: Put yellow caution tape all over their yard and draw a chalk outline of a person on the driveway, making it look like a crime scene. Leave a note saying,” I’m dying to go to the dance with you!”


Photobooth: Hold up signs in a photo booth that says on sign1: person’s name, sign 2: Will you go to the dance with me? sign 3: your name.


Nacho & Cheese: Buy a bag of tortilla chips and cheese and on the chips write, “ I know it’s NACHO problem, but I’m in a CRUNCH…” and on the cheese write, “ Will you CHEESE go to the dance with me?’


Cuties: Give a bag of Cutie oranges with a poster that says, “ Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange! Orange who? Orange you glad you got asked to the dance by this cutie?”


Bonus Ideas:

Write a Song:  If you are talented enough to write a song, do it! If you are like most people and that’s not your talent, use one of your favorite songs and change the words to pertain to your date. The more goofy and silly you are, the better the song will be!


Smartie: Leave your date clues to find the treasure, and then leave them a sign that says” You’ve followed the clues, You’ve used all your smarts, Now knock on the door, and Let’s go to Sweethearts.” You can write your name in Smartie candy or you can be behind the door. Of course, you can change the rhyme to fit the dance you are going to.




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31 thoughts on “30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances”

  1. So cute! My boys are 16 years apart and with DS1 in college and DS2 in preschool I have some time before I need these ideas but I'm pinning because I know lots of friends' kids who ask me for ideas often! Happy to come across your blog on Awesome Things Tuesday ~ Happy day!! Trish @ tagsthoughts.com

  2. These ideas are so unique and creative. Thanks for sharing them. Happy Early Sweet 16 Birthday to Andie too!! Thanks for sharing at the Motivational Monday Link Party! Hope to see you again this Monday!

    Love Bethany from The Southern Couture

  3. Fun ideas! My little one is only 5 months old, but I want him to stay little forever!
    Thanks for joining the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week 🙂

  4. These are such cute ideas!We were never this creative in high school but my step sister is getting to do all of these cute ideas! For her senior ask a boy dance she took him to a Rockies game (my dad has season tickets) and had them put a note on the big screen asking him to the dance. It was so cute! Thanks for linking up with us at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Can't wait to see you back next week!

  5. These are such creative suggestions! I wish I had these when I was a teenager. Thank you so much for sharing '30 Fun Ways To Ask To School Dances' at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I'm pinning and sharing.

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