10 Great Sabbath Day Activities

10 Great Sabbath Day Activities!

10 Great Sabbath Day Activities

Since we’ve been hearing a lot about keeping the sabbath day holy, I decided to jot down a few things I like to do/wish I did more of on Sunday!


10 Great Sabbath Day Activities

1. Write in your journal: Check out the app called Promptings, write your latest experience, as a couple write your love story or about your kids, etc.

2. Do family history: it may seem daunting but you can do it!

3. Watch family videos: Enjoy each other’s company by bringing back memories

4. Write a missionary: They will love it!

5. Write to or visit your grandparents: They will really love it!

6. Watch Mormon Messages or Bible videos: an easy way to bring in the spirit

7. Read books from Deseret Bookshelf or read the Ensign

8. Find and design quotes/scripture graphics to share on social media.

9. Practice an instrument

10. Do random acts of kindness for others.

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