DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions

DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions!


DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions


You might remember my post last month on the DIY Outdoor Movie Theater Screen. Well, apparently that wasn’t big enough or cool enough for my awesome hubby. He wanted something HUGE!

So, away he went figuring out how to make the screen even more MASSIVE. This screen is 20 feet long by 10 feet high. It’s anchored with bungee cords on the rain gutter, and stakes in the ground.

We bought a HUGE piece of white fabric from Fabric.Com and bought a conduit from Home Depot.


DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions

Here’s what you’ll need…


6 pieces of conduit from your local hardware store

4 elbow pieces of conduit

2 straight connector pieces of conduit screwdriver

A massive sheet of white fabric, we got ours on and spent about $65

6 bungee cords

Sewing machine


1- Start by sewing a pocket around the edges of your fabric, remember not to close the corners so you can slide the conduit into each pocket.


DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (6)


2- Slide the conduit into the fabric. there should be two pieces in the top and bottom, and one on each side. Lay it out on your lawn so it’s easier to maneuver.

3- Fasten the corner edges with the elbow pieces, and the two lengths with straight coupling conduit pieces. You don’t need a power tool to do this. The pieces have screws already attached, that you just twist to tighten with a simple screwdriver.

4- Now that your screen is together, it’s time to hang it! Mike used 3 bungee cords to fasten the screen to the rain gutter. He assured me that it wouldn’t pull the rain gutter off!


DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (12)DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (13)


5- Then he used two bungee cords to secure the screen to the ground. He pounded some stakes into the ground, wrapped the bungee into the corner of the screen, and hooked them together.



DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (8)DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (9)DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (11)


DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions


DIY-Massive-Movie-Screen (5)





Voila! Get your kids in their PJ’s so they are ready for a fun and cozy movie night under the stars. I also recommend lots of blankets, pillows, treats, and a little bug spray! Jessica 🙂

22 thoughts on “DIY Massive Movie Screen Instructions”

  1. Love this! What kind of fabric did you use for the screen? Did you have to piece it or were you able to find a single piece of fabric that wide???

    1. Honestly, it was just the cheapest white fabric we could find! It feels heavier than cotton, but I’m not sure what it is.

  2. This give me more reason to be excited about getting a house! I love watching movies and being outside! I can’t wait to be the first of my friends to have this!

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