Easy What to Pack in your Hospital Bag For Expecting Moms

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Expecting Moms




What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Expecting Moms

We’re on the countdown! Less than 2 weeks and counting until the baby arrives!  Hopefully less, not more! I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go, and I’m sharing some of my must-haves!

1- Breast pads– If you’re planning on nursing, comfort is the key. I’m trying out some washable breast pads this time, I’ll let you know how I like them.

2- Pacifier– If you want your baby to use a specific brand of the pacifier, you should bring it to the hospital with you.

3- Comfy clothes to wear home.- Unfortunately, you’ll still look pregnant when you leave the hospital, so bring something that will fit you when you leave. I just bring my maternity pants and top. There’s plenty of time to squeeze into your old jeans later!

4- Nursing bra– You’ll probably only be in the hospital for a day, but you’ll start nursing while you’re there, so come prepared.

5- Towel–  I am bringing a soft fluffy towel so I can shower when I’m ready without having to ask a nurse for a crunchy towel.

6- Baby Outfit– Bring something for your new one to wear home and a soft blanket for the car ride home. We’re having a girl, so I’m also bringing a headband.

7- Underwear– You’re going to need some cozy undies to help hold that huge pad in place!

8- Nipple cream– Nursing hurts! Let’s start things off right by keeping things soft and moisturized!

9- Toiletries– I’m bringing a brush, hair tie, face wash, lotion, chapstick, toothbrush, and toothpaste. I’ll probably throw in some mascara too. It just depends on your style. Some women like to get glammed up for pictures with babe after delivery!

10-Nursing Friendly Pajamas– I hate the hospital gowns they give you. At our hospital, they have slits in the front for easy nursing access, but that also means you could be hanging out for everyone to see. I’m sure you’ll be happy to have some visitors, but you don’t want to flash them!

11- Car Seat– They won’t let you leave the hospital without one, so make sure yours is installed before you leave home! What essentials do you have in your hospital bag?

Did I forget anything? We only live about 15 minutes away from the hospital, so I can have my hubby grab anything I miss, we’re lucky like that! Jessica 🙂


What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag For Expecting Moms

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