DIY Crown Flower Headband

DIY Crown Flower Headband

DIY Crown Flower Headband


With a new one on the way in a few weeks, I’m starting to plan for new family pictures. I want my three girls to wear soft pink and my son to wear the navy.

I also really like headbands, I thought about buying handmade headbands on Etsy for the girls, but each one was $15-$20 and I just couldn’t justify it.

So we made a trip to JoAnn’s for some inspiration. I found these flowers for 70% off and knew I could make some sweet headbands out of them.


DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (1)


DIY Crown Flower Headband

I started by ripping all of the little flowers off of their stems.


DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (2) DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (3)


I measured my daughter’s headband and cut up some scrap fabric to group the flowers, (I got smart and used ribbon for the other two, but I didn’t get a picture and this worked just fine).

  I used hot glue and doubled each one up, making sure to rotate the petals a little on each one. I didn’t follow any rules. I kept adding them until the strip of fabric was full.  

DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (4) DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (5) DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (6)


Then I added some beads from an old broken necklace. Since the beads were small and hot glue is deadly, I used my tweezers to hold each bead while I applied the glue and placed it. It really helps you avoid burns…You live and you learn.


DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (7)   DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (10)


Since I had 3 different headbands to make, I made them all differently. I made one by fastening the scrap fabric directly onto a simple white headband that I bought in a pack from Walmart.  


DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (12)


I made the other two by hot gluing the flower-filled ribbon to an elastic headband because Gracie wanted to wear hers on her forehead, but Sophie wanted it on top of her head since it can be itchy! Easy Peasy!


DIY-Flower-Crown-Headband (13)


  I LOVE having girls to dress up. I can’t wait to meet the new little one! I hope she comes early!!! 

14 thoughts on “DIY Crown Flower Headband”

  1. These are beautiful, as are the models! Hope you are having an amazing week and would love to have you ladies join us at Meandering Mondays 109 at This Momma's Ramblings!. Can't wait to see what goodies I find tonight at your party! Have a great one!

  2. The headbands are adorable. I love the beads and pearls. Best wishes waiting for your new little girl. The good news is, the longer she waits, the healthier it is for her. At least that's what I'm telling myself about the little boy inside me.

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