How To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor

How To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor

How To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor
Because I held Backlot Film Camp in my basement, I  wanted to make sure it was spick and span before people came. We have a brand new house so you would think that it wouldn’t be bad, but because of all the construction there was a TON of dirt and dust.
If your basement is older and you haven’t been down there for a while, you may have to deal with mold removal. Since I didn’t have to do that though, cleaning it out wasn’t too bad!

How To Clean Your Dirty Basement Floor

Step by Step:

1. Remove or organize all items in the basement.
2. Dust all walls/framing with a broom or dust cloth. Let the dust settle.
3. Sweep the floor (do not vacuum unless you want the return of the dust bowl).
4. Mop. (If you want to invest in a large string mop it will save you a lot of time. I just folded a towel over, got it sopping wet, and dragged it across the floor. It worked great but took a while.) 





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