Cute Baseball Centerpieces

Baseball Centerpieces!

Baseball Centerpieces

Baseball Centerpieces

Softball season is over and my team totally rocked it! Second in the state is not too shabby! At the end of every season, we have a banquet to celebrate the season! I’m so lucky that I married Matt because I always have these crazy ambitious ideas that are a little difficult for me to execute.
We bought Antique white satin spray paint, clear Matte spray paint, wide mouth ball mason jars, and hemp at Walmart. 


Matt and I spent hours on a Saturday painting these jars, you know how the project always takes longer than expected, well it did. I painted one whole jar until Matt told me he would help me, which means it was so bad that I needed his help. He coated the jar with the antique white spray paint, then I decided to let it dry. 
Then, I sanded the letters to give it the antique look. Next, we painted the jars with the matte, a few of the jars were not dry all the way which caused the alligatoring on the jars. Then we let them dry for 48 hours and drew the seams on the jars with a sharpie. We tied the hemp on the jars and filled them with flowers, licorice, and saltwater taffy. 


12 thoughts on “Cute Baseball Centerpieces”

  1. What a clever idea. You can't go wrong with mason jars and these are so different than most I have seen.
    thanks for linking up to Turn It Up Tuesday,

  2. These are so adorable! I just threw our youngest son a baseball themed party and these would have been perfect! I will definitely be making these in the future!

  3. How creative and cute! Thanks for linking up at #TurnItUpTuesday. Come by and visit my End of the Week Confessions Link-up. Always enjoy reading your posts!

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