Young Women’s Personal Progress Activity Individual worth 3

Young Women’s Personal Progress Activity Individual worth 3


Young Women’s Personal Progress Activity Individual worth 3
I love working with the young women in our ward! I love Pinterest because I always need new ideas and really appreciate you, sweet ladies, pinning your amazing ideas, I need all the help I can get!
11 The day before the personal progress night, I love to take out a invite to let the girls know what we are doing and to give them a few suggestions of values that they can work on. I gave this invitation with a Cadbury egg but you could use jelly beans or even a hard boiled egg. I also do it so I can touch base with each girl and let them know that I’m thinking of them even if their not very activity, we know they are alive! (P.S.please forgive me for the spelling error!)
bucket filler cover-reprint5
This is an activity for Individual Worth #3. I had the girls wear “red” to Young Women’s because that is the color of this particular value. I let every girl take a moment to let us know what makes them special. I know you probably have a couple of girls that this would make them feel very uncomfortable or say that they aren’t “special” but that is a perfect time for the leaders to let the girls know what you think makes them special.
After that we talked about how it makes us feel special when we take the time to help someone else find out how amazing they are and how you appreciate the things they do for you. We fill our own personal buckets with positive and when we do the same for others!  I read a part of the book above to drive home this point. To print the filling the Bucket Story click here: My girls school used this as their theme, one year to make sure everyone was being thoughtful of each other.
ywindividualworth I found these cute buckets at the Dollar Store in the wedding section. I also provided a pad of sticky notes. The value asks the girls to do something for others each day, for two weeks. I asked the girls to write down what they had done each day and drop it into their bucket.

ywindividualworth3 To help them start filling their bucket, I found wood cutouts for the girls to paint. My girls love crafts! I’m always impressed at how talented they are!

Then they filled a container with candy and glued the flower to the side. The finishing touch, they wrote a note to someone and told them how special they are! All they have to do is deliver the package and if they are nervous they can leave it anonymously. Then they have done their first day of passing off this value! 
I can’t have an activity without a treat!  I made Red Velvet Cream Cheese Bars and red drinks! They were a hit!

red velvet bars

Young Women’s Personal Progress Activity Individual worth 3

I would love to hear your ideas! PLEASE HELP ME!

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