Fun 20 Summer MUST DO Family Activities

20 Summer MUST DO Family Activities!


20 Summer MUST DO Family Activities


I can’t believe it…..Friday and my girls are out of school! I love having them home and I love to have adventures with them each summer. Summer seems to be the perfect time to try new things and go places that you have never went before! It’s time to make memories! I don’t know if you’re like me but if I have a plan, things go much smoother and we really accomplish something, instead of looking back on the summer months as a missed opportunity. Sure, I like to do the spur of the moment kind of thing but my creative juices seem work better when I have inspiration.
So, here’s a little inspiration for you and then the sky’s the limit!


20 Summer MUST DO Family Activities

  1. Go to an drive in movie: There aren’t many around but how much fun would it be to watch a movie under the stars in your favorite bean bag chair.
  2. Dance in the rain: This should be easy, we have had tons of rain! Crank up the music and dance. Mom and dad, don’t just watch the kids, join in!
  3. Slumber party: Pitch the tent in the backyard or sleep under the stars and have a family slumber party.
  4. Family pictures: Make it your quest to visit 5 different photo booths and get your family pictures done! It doesn’t matter how many is in your family, squeeze on in and say “cheese”!
  5. Passion night: Pick a designated night, each week, and let each family member take a turn picking their passion, that they would love to explore. You will learn so much from your kids and you might find out that you want to be a bug collector when you grow up!
  6. Go to a outdoor music concert: A great time to introduce your family to different kinds of music. In Utah, there are free concerts and I’m sure it’s the same in other states.
  7. Food truck dinner: Food trucks are everywhere. You can look on Facebook or on your favorite trucks site to see where they will be. It gets you out of the kitchen and gives you a little adventure for the night.
  8. Road trip: As a family, pick 5 cities in your state that you have never visited before. Visit their museum, eat at one of their local restaurants and get to know the history of the town.
  9.  Sign up for a 5k: Okay, I’m not a runner but you can always walk it and you can even push your little ones in a stroller. Great way to promote healthy living to your kids, and it would be fun.
  10. Go berry picking: You might grow your own berries but what fun would you have if you visited a farm with massive fields? You can see who can fill their bucket the highest, then go home and make some yummy jam together.
  11. Book club: Choose a book that everyone in the family would love and make it come alive! Treat it just like a book club you would have with your friends.
  12. Nature hike: Where ever you live, I’m sure you have amazing places to visit. Pick 5 different hikes in your area and explore. It’s really fun if you make a simple list of things that your kids need to find on the hike. Click here for some ideas!
  13. Be a tourist in your town: Check out your town’s website to get an idea of what it considers “tourist attractions” and set aside a day to go explore each and every one of them.
  14. Luau in your backyard: I’m not going to Hawaii anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have Hawaii in your backyard. The Dollar Store always has luau decorations and that’s the first step to a great party!
  15. Fireworks: In Utah, each town has their own celebration and that brings fireworks! Make a plan and try to hit as many firework displays as you can before the summer is over!
  16. Make a family movie: Have one child write the script, someone else can decide on wardrobe and etc.. This will be the best home movie ever! Can you imagine the memories!
  17. Water balloon fight: Fill the balloons and get the squirt guns ready, now let the fun begin!
  18. Treat Tuesday: Every Tuesday have a different treat!
  19. Night time picnic: Get out your lanterns and blankets. Serve dinner outside under the stars!
  20. Photo Scavenger Hunt: Everyone has a phone nowadays. Make a list, send some kids with dad and send some kids with mom and see who can finish the list first! Click here for some ideas!

The most important thing, take a picture of each activity and make a scrapbook of the summer’s adventures!

24 thoughts on “Fun 20 Summer MUST DO Family Activities”

  1. I love all of these ideas! I had a few planned already and got a few ideas to add to my list 🙂 Pinned this for reference! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. What a great list! Drive in is on the top of ours. I used to go with my family when I was a kid every year and had a blast. They are opening a new one here and I can wait. Glad you shared at #HomeMattersParty

  3. Great list! Because my kids are still quite young, I love taking them to the drive-in. I don't have to worry if they end up falling asleep or if they get a little loud with their questions. It's easy for us because the drive-in is just down the street for us! Thanks for sharing! #ConfessionsLinkUp

  4. LOVE these suggestions! I like the "passion" night idea where each family member gets to choose what the family does based on their interests. I also love the family picture idea… capturing those memories is sooo important! Thanks for sharing on the #ShareTheWealthSunday link up!

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