Banana Pancakes Whole 30 Kid Approved

Banana Pancakes Whole 30 Kid Approved






  Yesterday I told you all how my family quit sugar, if you missed it click here—> How My Family Quit Sugar, and How You Can Too! So, just to summarize, we went 30 days without sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, or processed food.


The only problem is, our kids don’t really love eggs, so what do you feed kids for breakfast when they’re sick of eggs and you’re sick of them whining for cereal and pancakes… Give them pancakes!


Now, die-hard Whole 30 peoples will say that this was a cheat because you really shouldn’t try to get creative and recreate pancakes, but I say if you’re eating healthy that’s all that matters.


Especially since I don’t love pancakes, and it’s not a trigger food for me, and since my kids aren’t old enough to cook, they can’t go crazy and eat banana pancakes all day.

Catch my justification drift!? You are going to die, these are so easy to make…Okay, you won’t die, but I’m sure your kids will love them too.



Banana Pancakes Whole 30 Kid Approved

Banana Pancakes 1 banana 2 eggs Blend and cook like a pancake on a hot, non-stick skillet. Easy Peasy…Top with sliced fruit and canned (whole 30 approved) coconut cream.








19 thoughts on “Banana Pancakes Whole 30 Kid Approved”

      1. Yes, make sure your pan is well greased with coconut oil and don’t flip them until well browned (use low-med heat)!

    1. I hear you Angelina. I guess I should call them something different, like a banana omelet, but that doesn't sound that delicious to me! I'm just offering suggestions, and this was a great solution to keep my kids from eating highly processed sugary pancakes. In my book it's a win!

  1. Any way to do this without the eggs but with the simplicity? My 3 year old is slightly allergic to eggs, no anaphalaxtis but severe eczema break out.

    1. I make this recipe for my kids sometimes. It’s not Whole30 but would move your kids in the right direction: 1 banana, 1 cup rolled oats, 1 cup water. Blend then cook like a pancake. Add cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries to your liking.

  2. I didn’t think this would work but they totally did! I didn’t have cream but just had sliced strawberries on top with some compliant sausage amazing!

  3. I just completed the Whole30 program and this is an extremely helpful recipe to keep you moving in the right direction!

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