Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids

Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids


Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids! That’s right, I refuse to Potty Train my kids. Now, before you get a huffy and ready to report me, let me explain myself! I have three of the cutest kids ever.

An eight-year-old boy, 5-year-old girl, and a 3-year-old girl. The oldest two don’t wear diapers anymore, just in case you’re wondering. The smallest; however, does.

Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids

Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids

I became pretty passionate about this subject with my oldest child, Max. You see, all of my neighbors just happened to have boys around the same age as Max, and they were all going on this strict potty training boot camp to get their kids out of diapers.

They set alarms, banned anyone from visiting, and spent the whole day potty training. Days and days would go by, my poor friends looked frazzled, stressed, and like they were about to lose their minds. Most of them quit because their kids were just NOT READY.

Here’s a quiz to tell if your child is ready. ——-> Click here!

That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to go to that sad, sad place. Of course I wanted my little guy out of diapers too, I mean, I was pregnant with our middle child, Gracie, and I wasn’t really looking forward to buying two different sizes of diapers. I also didn’t want to create more stress for me and my little Max. So I decided to listen to my mother! That’s right Mom, I listened to your advice!

She kept telling me he would do it when he was good and ready, and that I shouldn’t worry or stress about it, because it was pretty much out of my control anyway. So what did I do you ask? I simply provided all the tools necessary for Max to be successful, and waited for him to decide that HE was ready, and you know what, it took a little longer than some of the other kids in the neighborhood, but I can honestly say we did not have ONE accident.

He was immediately night AND day trained, and it was as easy as can be. He was a little over 3-years-old.
Gracie was pretty much the same, but she decided she was ready a little before Max was, around 2 1/2. Sophie, is now 3 years and 3 months old. She has had moments where I’m convinced she’s ready, but the reality is, she’s stubborn, and she really doesn’t want to give up her diapers yet.

So lately, I’ve been ramping up my efforts. Making sure she has everything she needs to be successful, and every reminder that it’s time for her to get on board.
Here are some of the things we have done to ENCOURAGE potty training. Like I said, I don’t believe in the TRAINING method where you set timers and basically force them to use the bathroom every 20 minutes. I’m convinced that’s just too much work. If that’s your bag, that’s great, it’s just not for me!

Bribery works wonders in our household, and I’m really not above it all. So we bought Sophie the toy she’s been dreaming of, and put it on top of the fridge as a reminder that she needs to use the potty in order to get to play with it. Yep, she chose a Batman toy. I love this spunky little girl!

How-to-potty-train-your-child (3)

Here’s my other pet peeve with potty training, I hate those little toilets that are on the floor that you have to dump. They make me want to gag. So we buy these cute little seats that prevent them from falling into the toilet. Much better, in my opinion, and you don’t have to scrub it out each time they use the potty.

This cute stool really helps too. We have one for each kid, and it’s the perfect height to help with getting on and off the potty and washing hands. It’s the perfect setup for success! I have the tools out and ready for her, just in case she’s interested

How-to-potty-train-your-child (9)


I also like using sticker charts for rewards. Some people like to give treats every time their little one uses the potty, but I like to give stickers, that way they can see them adding up, and eventually earn a bigger reward. You can join the Pull-Ups® Big Kid Academy by visiting http://www.pull-ups.com, there are lots of cool tools to help with potty training. I just printed this custom chart off yesterday!

You can choose the categories and rewards you want listed on their chart, and you can also choose the character.

How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (18)

I also think it’s important to switch from regular diapers to Pull-Ups® when they seem like they are starting to show an interest. They’re much easier to get on and off, and they feel more like real underwear. The other thing I like about Pull-Ups® is the fact that you can still open the sides like diapers, so when they have an accident you can still lay them down and take off the Pull-Ups® like a diaper.

How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (13)
Sophie’s also really into the Little Mermaid and Minnie Mouse right now, and luckily they have Pull-Ups® with those characters on them. They have Pull-Ups® training pants in sizes 2T–3T (18- 34 lbs.); 3T–4T (32–40 lbs.) and 4T–5T (38+ lbs.). They also come in Cool Alert®, Learning Designs®, and Night*Time Training Pants. She got so excited when I brought them home, that she immediately ripped the whole package open and spread them out to look at them closer, so I didn’t get a good picture of the packaging before it was ripped to shreds! How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (12)
You can find Pull-Ups® in the size and designs you want at your local Kroger store. I got mine at Smiths.

Potty training definitely doesn’t happen overnight. You might think I’m crazy for not ‘Training’ my kids, but I swear it’s the only way to go. Once they decide to do it on their own, they seem to have less accidents and that means less stress for both of you!
How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (14)How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (16)How-To-Potty-Train-Your-Child (17)

Plus, when it’s their idea, and they get praise, they feel a sense of pride that can’t be duplicated!!

Now it’s time for you to spill the beans and give us all your potty training tips! What works for your family?


22 thoughts on “Why I Refuse to Potty Train My Kids”

  1. My middle son was a little nervous about sitting on the toilet. To get him used to the idea, I let him eat as many otter pops as he wanted while he was sitting on the toilet. 🙂

  2. Look at her smile! What a proud little girl! I didn't care for those little potties either (though they are great for road trips!), we had this funky integrated seat that nestled into the lid. I forget what it was called, but it looked just like a regular toilet seat. I used the Pull-Ups® as I found them to be helpful – I wish they made those cute patterns back then. #client

    1. You're totally right Emily! For road trips those little potties are wonderful. We would just pull over, let them do their business and be on our way. So much better than reverting to a diaper.

  3. I was just pondering the idea of starting to train our 2.5 year old son and dreading the thought of it. Thanks for your insight, I might just wait a little longer until he shows signs of being ready.

    1. I really just feel like most of the time, when kids have been 'trained', it's the parents who are trained more than their kids. They are constantly reminding and nagging their kids, and that just puts too much stress on you and them!

  4. I'm right there with you. My son is just not ready and there's no point stressing us both out trying to force him into it. They go when they're ready! Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. It's tempting to try and get them on board just to avoid comments from well-meaning relatives, but I say go with your gut. You have to do what's best for your family, and I guarantee they won't end up going to high school with a diaper!

  5. I am with you, my son didnt start until he was ready, but my daughter may already be ready.. but I havent started even trying to potty train. She usually just takes off her diaper and goes and pees on her little potty when she has to go. lol #wineddown

    1. That's good! When my kids started doing that, I just gave them lots of praise and made sure they had all the tools they needed to be successful. Some kids get really excited about new undies. We would always take a trip to the store to buy them a new pack whenever they acted interested. However, most of mine have done that for a couple days and then decided it was too much work. I just don't sweat it, they eventually figure out that diapers aren't as comfy as undies!

  6. I am definitely I have a long way to go before my little one is ready! Granted she is not yet 14 months, but I recently read a blog post about how someone potty-trained her 13-month-old. Yeah, I'll be waiting! I like waiting for them to show signs they are ready. Thanks for the tips, this will be handy when we do go to that point! Stopping by from Wine'd Down Wednesday.

    1. Some kids are ready that early! But none of mine have been, so we are in diapers a lot longer. More power to you for sticking to what you think is best, and not being mom-pressured!

  7. Great tips! My little one is 14 months, and we've started to slowly think about HOW we'll go about potty training. We aren't totally sure yet. But, pull ups are great, that's for sure! 🙂

  8. Our doctor says that baby continuous night sleep and potty training are as important as baby walking. Nature does all the work there. When the baby is ready he/she walks. It's the same with sleep and potty. My 14 month old is still too young for potty training, but we are having sleeping issues!

  9. Yeah-I'm learning this with my first! She will be 3 at the end of February. She shows all the signs of readiness and yet it has been a pain in the tush with her. We've tried everything. She has gone pee and poop in the potty and now we are at the point where we have no accidents-she will hold it all morning until nap and then pees in her sleep a BUNCH-same at night. When I sit her on the potty, she won't go. Candy bribery has not worked-maybe I'll have to find a toy…except I don't think she cares about that either…So, I keep her in panties (except while sleeping) and I put her on the potty before we leave and before nap and ask her if she needs to go, but I am not pushing it anymore. She will get it eventually. I'm just sick of buying pull ups.

  10. Asheritah Thank you for your wonderful comment it really means a lot, your beautiful little girl throughly enjoys wearing diapers at 5 and a half years old, she becomes excited when i put one on her. Please don’t potty train her because i want to keep her in diapers for as long as possible.

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