The Best Carpet Cleaner I have ever Tried

The Best Carpet Cleaner I have ever Tried

The Best Carpet Cleaner I have ever Tried


The Best Carpet Cleaner I have ever Tried

Okay, sometimes homemade just doesn’t cut it. Especially when you have three kids, a dog, a cat, and a husband. And, lets be honest, they don’t call me Messie Jessie for nothing! This is NOT a sponsored post, I’m just glad I finally found something that works before my eyes.

My dog has been naughty lately, maybe because it’s cold outside and she doesn’t want to venture out into the frozen tundra, I don’t know! Also, because it’s so snowy here, and muddy since we don’t have grass yet, the footprints are all over my new rugs! I have tried a lot of other carpet cleaners, but this one literally removes the stains on contact.

As I spray it on the dog piddle, I can immediately see the yellow coming out. I also have a white rug in my living room, and Sophie (my 3-year-old) spilled BLUE nail polish on it the other day! I’m not kidding, it came all the way out. And you can’t even see it now. It’s a miracle. So, I thought I’d share the good news. This is the thing to get, especially if you have naughty dogs.

I’ve never seen the color come out so quickly! Like I said, not a paid opinion. Just one mom helping out another mom!


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  2. I recently started a job in a carpet cleaning company and right now I'm collecting useful info about it. Your post really helps me a lot and I'm very thankful.

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