Non Candy Package Stuffers for Missionaries

Non Candy Package Stuffers for Missionaries

Because both my brother and sister are out on missions I am always trying to come up with fun packages. Thank heavens for Pinterest!! A lot of the ideas out there though are all about candy, so I thought I’d share a few great ideas that are candy free.

1. Tuna Packets

2. Ramen Noodles

3. Applesauce packets

4. Clothes

5. Scarves

6. Jewelry

7. Ties

8. Cereal

9. Socks

10. Watch

11.Thank You Cards (for them to easily send to others)

12. Pens

13. Money

14. Pillow

15. Blanket

16. Balloons

17. Bubbles

18. Stickers

19. Cook Book

20. Apron

21. Motivational/Scripture Prints

22. Post Card Puzzle

23. Stationary

24. Fridge Magnets

25. Pictures


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