Ten Fun Ideas for Your Anniversary

Ten Fun Ideas for Your Anniversary

Ten Fun Ideas for Your Anniversary


Ben and I just celebrated our fourth anniversary this weekend. We celebrated it a little early since Cooper’s birthday is on our anniversary.

The older we get though, the harder it is to think of fun things we want to do. Most of the time I just want to catch up on sleep! Here are some things we’ve done or that I’ve seen others do to celebrate their anniversary.

Ten Fun Ideas for Your Anniversary

1. Visit the place where you first met

2. Treat yourself with a couple’s massage

3. Stay at a bed and breakfast

4. Reenact your first date

5. Learn something new together (like salsa dancing, or scuba diving)

6. Make dinner for each other

7. Write your love story together as well as make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished together

8. Plan your future including your dream house and where you want to be in five years

9. Have a night at home with absolutely no technology

10. Go dancing!

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