Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper


DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper! I had so much fun this summer making wedding wrapping paper that I knew I had to make some more for Christmas!

I had some little ones to decorate this Christmas wrapping paper with – but I did have plenty of fun making it myself.   


DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper


   One of my favorite parts is that this was a free craft since I already had everything I needed. But if you don’t have markers or brown packing paper they only cost a dollar each at the Dollar Tree making this a $2.00 craft!   


Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper


   You can create your own Christmas Wrapping Paper in just minutes or make it a fun craft for the whole family to take part in this holiday season!  


DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper!

What You’ll Need:

Jot Mailing Paper – I bought mine from the Dollar Tree Colored Markers Glitter & Glue, Paint, Stickers, Twine, String, Ribbon, Buttons – optional  


Stars & Christmas Trees Wrapping Paper


   All you have to do is unwrap the paper & decorate it!   I decided to do little groups of Christmas trees & a pattern of stars.


If you are making these as a family it might be fun to have your kids decorate the paper with a scene from their favorite Christmas movie or depict a picture of their favorite thing about Christmas – like the nativity scene or Christmas caroling.


Maybe even pull out the glitter, glue, paint, & stickers & turn this into a whole evening of Christmas crafting with your family!  


Homemade Wrapping Paper for Christmas





3 thoughts on “Easy DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper”

  1. Wow. How clever. Love the idea of using stuff I already have around the house like cord and brown paper (rolls of shipping paper or inside of shopping bags). Thanks Giustina for the neat blog post. If you can, check out my blog about Eggplant Lasagna at Lou Lou Girls Fabulous Party #39. Happy New Year! Nancy A @obloggernewbie.blogspot.com

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