Busy Bags The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Quiet

Busy Bags The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Quiet


Busy Bags The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Quiet


Cooper is a busy body (meaning he literally never stops moving), and a jabber mouth, so church was pretty hard for us until I asked my friends for ideas on how to keep him “contained”. My friend Holly showed me her busy bags and I immediately fell in love!!

The idea behind busy bags is that if your kids have new toys each week, then the toys will keep their attention longer than bringing the same old toys every week. What you do is separate different types of toys into different bags so that you can quickly grab a bag full of new toys/activities every time you need to go somewhere quiet.  You can rotate through the bags so that by the time you get through them all, you can start over and your kids will still feel like they’re new again!

Busy Bags The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Quiet


To keep it cheap, hit the dollar store! They have a lot of classic attention grabbers. Cooper is 11 months old and loves shiny things, holding things, and bending things, so some of his favorite dollar store delights have been pom poms, slinkies, cars, spoons, girl’s shiny hair things, brushes, make up mirrors, kitchen gadgets, sunglasses, funky balls, and stickers.  Holly’s little boy is 2 and she had more activity based things for him like crayons and coloring books. You probably know what your child would want best so just hit the dollar store or pack things that you already have!

I just keep them in Ziploc bags in an old diaper box on the floor of his closet. I’m sure some of you will come up with something cuter so share a pic with us if you do! I’d love to see it! Also if you have any other ideas that work let me know!

5 thoughts on “Busy Bags The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Quiet”

  1. I desperately need to make some of these! We just started homeschooling, and I kind of hate using nap time (the only quiet moments of the day) to do it. These would be so helpful in entertaining my little ones! Pinning 🙂

  2. I love these kinds of bags to keep kiddos busy! I try and pick up little toys and things at yard sales and then bring them out sporadically throughout the year so they are always "new" and fun for the kids.

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