Preserving Raspberries

Preserving Raspberries
School is officially back in session and I feel so busy. This labor day weekend has been so awesome! We’ve got to relax and see family and it’s been great! Saturday we went to go visit Matt’s grandparents and they are the best!
They have these awesome raspberry bushes that continually grow raspberries until the end of October. We went and picked a bunch and ended up with two buckets full. Then we were told to take them home, which is good but what do you do with all those raspberries?
Especially when Matt’s grandma makes the best raspberry jam and gives us some of that too? We decided to freeze them and make raspberry cheesecake (recipe coming tomorrow)! 
Here’s what to do when you have a boat load of raspberries. Individually spread them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them separately over night! 
Then put them in a Ziploc plastic bag. Then they don’t smash together! Perfect raspberries for days! 

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