5 Hacks to Keep Your Baby Safe From Your Toddler

5 Hacks to Keep Your Baby Safe From Your Toddler!

5 Hacks to Keep Your Baby Safe From Your Toddler

5 Hacks to Keep Your Baby Safe From Your Toddler

When we first introduced our two-year-old Cooper to baby Haden I was so happy! Cooper flooded him with soft hugs and kisses and didn’t seem bothered by our new arrival at all. Soon reality set in though and Cooper got a little more interested and a lot more jealous. Haden is 7 weeks old now and things have calmed down a lot but for a while there baby safety was my main concern. These are a few of the things I came up with to keep him safe!

1. Playtime in the crib! A newborn is a way too vulnerable lying on the floor so bring his playtime to the crib! Don’t be fooled by his sad face, Haden loves playing in there even when big brother pushes toys through the slats to him.

2. Looooong Bathtime: Keep your toddler busy with a long bath while you take care of the baby (or blog ;). We’ve done balls, bathtub markers, bathtub paint, Jello, and cloud dough. Just don’t leave your toddler alone in the bathtub!  (This is usually when I give Haden a bath also, or I’ll bring in a chair and blog while holding him, or just chill out for a bit!)

3. Bring Along the Changing Table: I actually designed my bathroom to not have two sinks so that I could have extra counter space for this very purpose! While I’m brushing my hair or doing my makeup I put Haden up here. He likes it because he can see me and I like it because big brother leaves him alone! DON’T leave your baby unattended up there though! Even if they can’t roll yet they still could easily find a way to fall off.

4. High Chair Activities: My two-year-old can’t get out of his booster chair on his own so when I need to set the baby down for a minute I have a bin of activities for him to do at the table. They include coloring, mini trains, water painting, play dough, and as seen above, making your own food!

5. Toddler Proof Doors: These are going to be your new best friend if you actually want to take a shower once in a while!

If you have any other hacks please share them with me!



3 thoughts on “5 Hacks to Keep Your Baby Safe From Your Toddler”

  1. Love your sink idea! Never know what to do with the baby while getting ready (especially with my son running around). Excellent points!

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