5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Kids

5 Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Kids




Sometimes our routines get so, well- routine, that we can occasionally wonder if we’re really connecting with our kids. Our family spends a lot of time together going to softball tournaments, dance, family reunions and numerous lessons.


It feels like we are running around so much making sure that our kids have every opportunity to succeed and we know that we are spending time with them but we are not fully present in the moments that we’re with them.

Here are five simple ways that we can shift our attention back on our children to make sure we strengthen our relationship with our sweeties!

  • Give them love: Stop for a few minutes and hug your child and tell them you love them. I know, they already know you love them but nothing has a stronger power than being told that you are loved! They don’t ever grow out of needing love from their parents.

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  • Communication: When I was a peer parent, I used to ask the parents that I worked with,  if they talked to their kids about school each day. They would tell me that they would but the kids response was always ”nothing happened at school”. Sometimes you have to keep asking until you get more than a no or yes answer.  The more you work on it and really listen to your kids, the more they will tell you. It’s worth the effort!
  • Unplug: I love my electronics as much as the next person but seriously, you need to turn them off. You’ll never be fully present in the moment with these distractions in your way. When your child talks, listen, it’s really that simple.


  • One on One time: I love having alone time with each of my kids. It is so fun to have a date and do something special with each child. You will find that if you listen and become interested in the things your child loves, you will learn things that you never knew you would like. It also gives you an amazing bond with each and every child.
  • Show up: I found this interesting fact; each child has only about 900 weeks of childhood with you before they leave home. They will be gone before you know it. Don’t go through life half-present. Seize the moments and make it habit to chat every day with each child. You’ll find it creates moments with your child that will melt your heart.

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