Faith is Like a Little Seed Personal Progress Activity

Faith is Like a Little Seed Personal Progress Activity




If you’re like me, and struggle sometimes on what direction you want to go with personal progress activities, I hope this will help. I search each month trying to decide what will inspire the girls and I do a happy dance when I find amazing ideas on the internet.

Again, I want to thank everyone that shares their amazing ideas! You help me every month with my activities for Young Women’s! It helps to inspire me and gives me direction.

I love the ideas that I found for this month and I hope it will help someone who struggling with their next activity.
The cute printable that I used for my invitation was found on Sugardoodle.

I bought the seed packets at Wal Mart for 97 cents each. Glued the printable to the packet and tied the information to the packet with tulle. Tulle makes everything a little bit more special.



We started the night out with this fun game. Each girl had a bag, pen and a piece of paper. I asked them 21 questions and the answer would either be “A” or “B”. Each answer was tied to a color.

The girls would get that color of gum ball to place in their bag. At the end, they would count up which of the colors they had the most of . This would decide the value they would work on this coming month. The blog, Hello, lindsey.,has all the fun questions to go with this game.




This is one of the coolest ideas! I had the girls get into teams and they found somewhere in the church that they could be alone to do their scavenger hunt. They use their phones by typing in the codes of each step.

They get to watch a video, read, listen and write and share. By the time they are through they have passed off value #6. The download is free and all you have to do is print .
The team that finished first received a box of candy from the Dollar Store.

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