How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting


How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting


How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting

How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting

Through my married life, Mike and I have done our fair share of painting. When we were first married, we lived in a house that had 7 layers of wallpaper in one room! All this time, we knew we weren’t professional painters but never had enough money to hire someone to do it for us, and we thought we did a pretty good job.



When it came to lines, we have used the blue tape, frog tape and tried really hard just to be careful and not touch the wall that was a different color. Our lives changed when Cassie decided to get married to a guy that professionally paints!! This simple tip changed my life and hopefully it will help you.


How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting

First, you will tape your wall with the blue tape, remember your line will be as straight as you put your tape on.

Second, get a dab of caulking on your finger.



Spread the caulking onto the tape, right on the edge, and cover the whole line. Paint the wall and give it a few minutes to dry. Pull off the tape!




The paint can’t get under the caulking and tape, so you get beautiful lines!

7 thoughts on “How to Get Straight Lines When Your Painting”

  1. I sure wish I would have known this little painting gem earlier. I have several rooms with different colored walls and what a pain in the butt is was to get it right. Thanks for the super tip. 🙂

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