Painting Your Back Splash

Painting Your Back Splash

Painting Your Back Splash! My cute boys put in a beautiful backsplash in my kitchen a couple of years ago.

I was thrilled because I had always wanted a backsplash in my kitchen because painted walls behind the sink and stove don’t seem to hold up well with everyday life, but all through the month of October we have been updating our living area and changing the color scheme. That meant I was going to paint my backsplash!


Painting Your Back Splash

Painting Your Back Splash

We have had earth tones for several years now and wanted to brighten up the great room. To be honest, this made me really nervous because what if it didn’t look good? Would I have to rip everything out and get a new backsplash? Thank goodness, my son-in-law is a painter and he checked into what I needed to be successful!



  1. First of all, I took off all the outlet covers so I wouldn’t accidentally paint them! 
  2. Then I scrubbed down the tile with steel wool. To make sure it was clean and rough up the surface a little.
  3. Get your painter’s tape and tape around the edges! This is so important! I used to think that I could wing it but the tape makes such a difference and saves you so much clean-up time!


My son-in-law, Matt, asked the employees at our local paint store what would work the best for this project and this is what they recommended.  


I also used a small paint roller and found using a paper plate worked the best. I put several coats of the primer onto the brick. It is recommended that you let it sit for 24 hours.



For the topcoat I used Behr’s Marquee paint, Dove white, and it took 2 coats to finish the job.


Be careful around the paint for several days because it will still be soft and easily scuffed. 


I couldn’t afford new cabinets this time around but I couldn’t believe how much painting the backsplash made such a difference! It really helped to brighten up the kitchen and change the mood of the decor.



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