H E Double Hockey Stick NO

H E Double Hockey Stick NO

H E Double Hockey Stick NO! Learning to use that little gem of a word!

H E Double Hockey Stick NO


H E Double Hockey Stick NO

Let me start by saying, I’m writing this for myself. BUT, I have a lot of friends that could use this too, so let’s get right to it. Let’s start by saying “No!” That’s right! I want you to say it out loud, right now… “No!”
Okay, I feel better now.

You know what I’m talking about. The neighbor kid that knocks on your door 500 times a day. The random request for your FREE services, whether it be the use of your baking skills or your babysitting skills. The co-worker that calls at 10 PM the night before, asking you to cover their shift, cause they decided to take a spontaneous vacation.

The pushy relative asking you to rearrange your schedule so you can accommodate them. The person in your life that uses and abuses you and comes back for more. The PTA members asking you to add an extra project on to your ‘to do’ list, even though you’ve already done more than your share this year. (P.S. These are not all my experiences! In case my friends and relatives are now offended.)

Say it again, “NO!”
H. E. double hockey sticks! NO!
I know I’m not alone. I have talked to about 5 of my friends in the last week that need to say no. And I kept trying to give them the courage to stand up for themselves, then I realized, I need to listen to my own advice YO!
I LOVE to volunteer at my son’s school. I LOVE helping my friends. I LOVE baking cakes. I LOVE being the Young Women’s President at my church. I LOVE my family. I LOVE teaching dance.
I don’t LOVE it when I’m forced or pressured into doing those things out of guilt.
I am the first person to encourage people to join the PTA, help a neighbor or friend, or offer services to someone who really needs it. But there comes a time when you realize your generosity is being taken advantage of, and you are STRESSED to the max.

Well, I am feeling STRESSED to the max and had a little melt down last night. Straight up cried like a baby…yep…doesn’t happen often, but it did last night.
So, after my episode, we have decided that we’re making a priority to make OUR family first. We are blocking out one night a week that just belongs to us. No one else. We are saying “NO” to anyone or anything that interferes with that.

It’s small, but it’s a good place to start. And, I feel better about my life already. I need quality time with my little gang of hooligans. Which, by the way, I will still have to say no to, but at least I can give them smooches and loves afterwards.
So, I’m giving you permission to say it again. “NO!”

Write down a list of your priorities in life and stick to your guns people. Once you have already decided what you will and will not do, your life will become infinitely easier. I know from experience, because I said no a few times last week. I felt a little guilty after, but I’ll learn to get over it I’m sure!

If I didn’t convince you, I found this little gem on Pinterest yesterday which, except for the cat parts, made me giggle.
. 25-more-ways-to-say-no-edited-fixed

Good luck my friends!

6 thoughts on “H E Double Hockey Stick NO”

  1. Ha ha. My husband says the best way to not get asked to do something is to not be good at anything 🙂 I had to learn this lesson a few years ago, and the best thing I read was "Say no first. Then if you really think you want to do it, say yes." I would say yes and be excited but then get totally burnt out so I finally learned that it's not rude to say no. When I ask people to do PTA stuff, I really admire the people that say "No. I am not able to do that right now." Because I know they aren't saying yes out of obligation. Good post Jess~

    1. It's true, we do want to help everyone, which isn't a bad thing, but sometimes we need to put our family first. Especially when the favor we're doing isn't to help someone in dire need.

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