Fun Homemade Chia Pet

Homemade Chia Pet


Homemade Chia Pet


Every Month, I have the opportunity to do a activity with the Young Women in my ward for the Personal Progress program. This past month I decided that we were going to talk about faith.

We talked about doing the right things to help our faith grow in the gospel, and it’s kind of like this cute little chia pet. If we do the right things miss chia’s hair will grow!!

The girl’s were super excited to make these and it was a simple activity.


Homemade Chia Pet

Items Needed:

Knee high panty hoses
potting soil
Winter Rye Grass- I bought mine on Amazon, about $8.00 for a 5 pound bag.
Googlie eyes- a must!!
paper cups


Homemade Chia Pet


  • Take the knee high and stretch it over your hand.
  • Put about 1/4 cup of grass seed and place it in the toe of the hose.
  • Fill the hose with potting soil, covering the seed. Shape the head of the Chia by pushing the dirt around in the sock.
  • Make the head as big as you like, just make sure its big enough that it won’t fall into the cup.
  • Take the hose off your hand and tie the end of the sock into a knot. You will have a string of the panty hose that hangs down, DO NOT cut this off!! It will act as a wick for the water.
  • Soak your head overnight in a bowl. This will speed up the growth of your seeds.
  • Pour some water in the bottom of the cup.
  • Place the head on top of the cup, make sure the wick reaches the water.
  • Decorate your cup and the Chia pet.
  • Put the cup in a sunny window and watch it grow!!

Note: I had to water my Chia’s head, a little each day by pouring water on the back of the head. The hair started to sprout in about a week. My knee highs were a little thick, so when the hair started to grow and couldn’t break through the sock, I gently cut the sock.

10 thoughts on “Fun Homemade Chia Pet”

  1. Stopping by from Sweet Tea Social to tell you that this little pet is the cutest little Chia ever! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!
    Miz Helen

  2. I love it. Definitely love the googley eyes. It's totally cute. I wonder if you could make one with chive seeds then you could occasionally trim the hair and have chives for cooking.

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