How To Do Your Little Girls Hair

How To Do Your Little Girls Hair

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I have always LOVED to do hair. I especially love doing little girls’ hair. I always ask to do my niece’s hair and, whenever I babysit, the girls usually beg for me to do their hair. I try and do Sophie and Gracie’s hair every day. It’s not always a masterpiece, but I feel better if I know that their hair is out of their eyes and that they are ready for the day.

Growing up, my mom was always adamant about our hair being perfect. I even had the nickname “trampoline bangs’” for a while, because people could touch my hair and it would bounce right back. So, I guess you could say it’s in my blood!
Anyway, I always have people ask me how I do my girls’ hair and how I get it to stay all day, so I thought I would share my tips with you!

1- Product! There are a few products that I have found work really well for smooth and tight pony tails and other styles. I have a two-year-old, and her hair responds well to a boar brush, like the one pictured below. They are cheap, I saw one online for 4 dollars. I use this brush after I section her hair for pony tails or piggies and it is really good to grab the small hairs and smooth them down.
Boar Brush

2- Mousse– I ALWAYS use mousse. I like Suave because It’s cheap, and this particular type isn’t a stiff hold. It looks natural when it dries.

3- Rattail Comb– I always use a rattail comb for smoothing and for parts. I really have a hard time doing hair without it.
Ratttail teaser comb
4- Elastics- You must find the right type of elastics!! I like these for my toddlers hair and for intricate hair styles on my four-year-old. They hold well. If your elastics are too big and bulky they won’t hold as well. If your daughter has really thick hair, you’ll want to make sure the elastics are little thicker or you should use more than one at a time. Always opt for the rubber type though. I just cut them out at night so that no one complains when I’m taking their hair out!
hair elastics

Now I’ll show you how I usually use my favorite products.
My oldest girl, Gracie, has naturally curly hair and my little Sophie has pretty straight and thin hair. The best way to get started on both of their hair is to wet it down with mousse. Make sure that all the tangles are out, and then mousse it up! Trust me on this! The mousse tames all of the lose hair and it makes it easier for you to grip and hold it tight. The girls always laugh when I put a big pile of mousse on their heads. They think it looks like whipped cream.
For the hair style I did today, I sectioned the pieces out first. I always make sure there’s enough mousse on each section and then use my rattail comb to smooth and part it. By the way, it’s NEVER perfect. Little girls like to wiggle and I just do my best to get it done as quickly as possible. Trust me, most people won’t look too close to find your mistakes.
After I section it out, I pull the hair from the first sections to the second sections, always adding more mousse and smoothing with my comb before adding it to the second section. The second sections have two elastics in them.
When I’m done, I use hairspray to tame any loose hairs and it’s finished! Here are a few of the styles we’ve done lately.
How-to-Do-your-little-girl's-hair (3)How-to-do-your-little-girl's-hair
I’m sure some of you are wondering how I get my girls to sit still while I do their hair. It’s not always easy, in fact, sometimes I want to get out a straight jacket. But, I have always done their hair and they are used to it. They ask me to do it most days, especially if we’re having a princess dress up day.
Here are some more ideas to help you get started, if you’ve had a hard time in the past.
1- Make sure you have the right tools ready! I lay all of mine out on the counter before I get the girls, so they don’t have to wait for me to find things. The less time they are waiting the better.
2- I sit them on the counter top so I can see their hair better and they are more comfortable. They like seeing themselves anyway! Plus, it’s harder for them to escape!
3- I let them choose how I style their hair every other day. They like it more if they feel like they have some say in what I’m doing. This works especially well for my stubborn Gracie. She is VERY particular about how I style her hair and usually I just do whatever she wants. But, when we are getting pictures done, or we’re getting ready for church, I decide. It’s not always easy, but I figure she has to learn that she doesn’t always get what she wants.
4- Make a habit out of doing their hair all the time. I promise they will get used to it! I have had other mom’s say their daughter would never sit still so they don’t even try. I just smile and nod, because it’s true it’s hard to get them to stay still, but trust me when I say, I’ve been there, my girls know how to fight and wiggle just like every other child. The main thing is, I don’t give my girls a choice. It’s important to me that their hair is done, so they just know now that it’s going to happen whether they like it or not.  I sound mean, but the truth is, my girls are so used to it now, there’s never much of a fight anymore.
5- Let them have a toy, or a tablet to play with while you do it. Sit them in front of their favorite show. Or, let them play with the elastics, which is Sophie’s personal favorite thing to do!
6- Make a big deal out of the small victories. If they sit really still for you, compliment them. Tell them how beautiful they look!
7- If you have an extra wiggly/ grumpy child, you can tell them you are doing their hair like their favorite princess or character. That usually gets them excited.
8- Relax and try not to get too grumpy with them for moving. It’s hard to sit still and, like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect.
9- Practice makes perfect. As you continue to style your daughters hair, she’ll get accustomed to it and you will get better too. Just keep trying!
I hope these tips help! You can leave a comment if you have any questions about any of the styles above. I will be sharing new hair style ideas each month on my week!
Thanks for stopping by!
Jessica Smile

7 thoughts on “How To Do Your Little Girls Hair”

  1. So cute! Reminds me of all the years of doing my daughters hair – years ago! Thanks for sharing at the Ducks 'n a Row Blog Hop! Can't wait to see what you link up next week. I also invite you to Grow Your Google+ Circles tomorrow.

  2. Great tips! Thank you!
    I agree. Start them young, and they will get used to doing their hair as a regular part of their morning!
    On particularly tangled, curly hair days, I let the little one brush through my hair afterwards (or before!) in exchange for letting me comb through her tangled mess, haha. Seems to work well! Bribery 😉

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